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Facebook Interface Malfunction

  1. My blog is connected to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Suddenly, as of yesterday (12/27), when I put a Post in Trash, change the date of publication for some date in the future, etc. the posts are immediately appearing on Facebook as current posts.

    The one irritating thing about WordPress is that I can't seem to contact Support directly for answers to problems. I have to search all over the place to see if my question is answered somewhere else. Even if it's not listed, I can't find where there's a "Contact Us" in order to get my question answered.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. You must specify the blog url you are having problem with. The contact form of is at

  3. Yeah, I know it is irritating.
    Idk why it's so glitchy.
    Try doing what I do;
    Create a twitter for your blog and publish your tweets to fb.
    Yeah, it wastes a lotta time.
    I'm just sharing what I know.

    You can contact Automattic (the guys behind

    Hope I could help.
    Sorry If I didn't. :(

  4. @mlrowland: As wpgaurav said, we need the URL of the blog you are having problems with.

    @wpgaurav: That form is closed until January 2. :-(

    @funreaper: That is not helpful, funreaper. First of all, we don't know which blog mlrowland is dealing with. And most importantly: the form you are quoting is NOT for tech support questions. From

    For support requests and billing issues, please contact our 24/7 support team.

    ...which brings to a link for the form that is closed.

  5. @airodyssey I didn't know.

    PS: One can mail staff at support(at), however as form is closed-- reply from the staff can be late.

  6. @funreaper

    Please research answers you give in these forums very carefully before you post. At times, we have all made mistakes, or have not had the latest up-to-date information, or have learned new ways of doing things on But we volunteers do actually try out our information.

    Guessing about how to do something is not always (nor usually) accurate.

    I understand that you want to be helpful, but providing an inaccurate or misleading reply in not an efficient way to assist anyone. Keep in mind that these are public forums, and many people will read the advice besides the original poster.

    Please test your links before posting. Also you would do well to make a private test blog so you can experiment with the advice you hope to provide.

  7. @wpgaurav: No problem :-) Personally, I prefer to confirm the URL first prior to sending them to support (just in case it's actually a blog, as it often happens).

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