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  1. What's going on is more than just a layout redesign. I read about it on Friday here

  2. I feel like very soon all privacy on Facebook will disappear.

  3. @sarahbaram
    I think privacy actually has disappeare. Facebook is crawling with internet marketers and now they are introducing email with the ability to get personal messages forwarded to those accounts? Really? They haven't cleaned out all the fake accounts and fictitious accounts? Now the marketers who already have access to your personal information there get to spam your FB email too. Whose needs does that serve? The only people I have heard speak in favor of that are the ones who say it will be good for their businesses as they have online stores. Say what? Facebook has become a huge cyber space shopping mall. Then there's the news that they are adding Microsoft as a partner and including Bing as their primary search tool. Is that the sound of a flushing toilet I hear?

  4. I can't even get into my facebook account. I am so pissy and I wasn't having any problems until they changed the format once again.

  5. I bailed out long ago over privacy issues. I will never have a page there for myself again. It's become a place that resembles a cyber supermarket so I may create fan pages but that's it.

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