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Facebook Issue

  1. Hi,

    Every time I post a link to my blog on FB, linking to a specific post, rather than the logo in my post appearing on facebook, a wordpress logo appears. How do I rectify this? Not had this problem before with my other blog. I don't allow wordpress to connect to that Facebook site and never have that problem.

  2. I don't know you are trying to paste the link into FB but if you do the long way like this, it might work:

    <a href="">My blog</a>


  3. OOPs the code was missed completely! Try again:

    My blog

  4. Missed again. Don't know what has happened to CODE and QUOTE buttons on WP. All broken!!

    Don't know how to put it here now.

    Sorry about this hiccup.

  5. Sorry, where is the code?

  6. Don't worry.

  7. We cannot control, which images Facebook chooses to display. They nake change frequently.
    Only the first five images uploaded to a post (direct inclusion/gallery/slideshow) will be sent to Facebook. The images size has to be at least 200 x 200 pixels.

    To select which image will be used for things like Facebook Publicize, you can use a theme that supports featured images. If a featured image isn’t set or your theme doesn’t use featured images, then the code tries to pick the first image in the post or page. If no image is found, then the blavatar is used.

  8. This is your feed
    This is my feed
    I suggest you upload a gravatar. Scroll down to "Below are the best practices for successfully uploading your Gravatar, Avatar and/or Blavatar images:"

  9. As far as I'm aware, I've already done that. I do have another wordpress blog but I've never found wp the easiest thing to get to grips with.

  10. I'm having a similar problem sharing on facebook. It won't pick up ANY images, not even a gravatar/logo. Is the ONLY solution changing to a "featured image" supporting theme? I'd hate to go through the trouble of changing a layout we really like if it won't fix the problem.

  11. Yeah, I've changed my settings and still having the same mage issues on Facebook.

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