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  1. how can i use facebook like button and likebox widget in my blog? the code is not working....coz when i put and click save it disappeared.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Sounds like you're trying to use the code Facebook provides: it won't work here, as the javascript it uses is stripped out, for security reasons.

    Go to your Dashboard->Settings->Sharing and use the Facebook button there.

  3. @raincoaster:but in sharing there is no like option......can u help me

  4. Isn't it better to get people to post your link to their profiles than just Like it?

    As far as I know, the only Facebook Like button that works here is the one from

  5. but in sharing there is no like option

    There is an option to use the Facebook Like button in Sharing. Make sure you have the Facebook button in your Enabled Services area, either as a standalone button or in the Share grouping.

    Click the drop-down marker that's on the right side of the Facebook block. You'll see an option to select the standard button, the Share button, or the Like button.

    Save your changes and the Like button should appear at the bottom of posts as you've prescribed in the Sharing settings.

  6. @ganesskarki,

    As for the Facebook Likebox, the (iframe) code Facebook gives you won't work in a blog. You have two working options.

    Use a screenshot. Find instructions view an example here:
    Won't update automatically, but will show your Fans.

    Or create a Facebook page badge:

    You will get a similar image like this:
    Will update automatically, shows Facebook fan count, not avatars.

  7. The settings have this checkbox: Show a like button and who has liked my post on all of my blog posts above the comments section

    My blog has a new blog post that has 6 likes. But I cannot see who has liked my post. Where do I see this?

  8. The following entry of mine has 8 Facebook "Likes" as I and other visitors can see. But I can't see who are those eight persons who have "liked" my post. How can I see identify my admirers?

  9. bpracticalpottery

    Thanks, this was very helpful!

  10. Thanks Markel! That was super helpful!!!

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