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    Hello everyone,
    Im new to this blog stuff, as well as to WordPress, so I really need help with two things.
    1st: I saw the widget “facebook like box” and decided to add it to my blog, i added all the information needed, and did everything correctly however, whenever someone that LIKED my facebook page goes to my blog and check the total amount of LIKES, he will see an amout of X + 1 (where X is the real number of people that liked my facebook page), and the profile of those that liked might show duplicated. This will only happen if you are logged on facebook and check the blog, if you are not on logged on facebook everything will be fine. To give an example: Two of my friends, A and B, liked my facebook page, they check my blog and instead of seeing that 2 people liked, they will see 3, but two A’s profiles and one B profile. If A logged off of facebook and check my blog, he will see the correct information. I have no ideia how to fix that.

    2nd: I tried to do that SHARING option so i can add a facebook share button on every post however, when i click the “add new facebook connection” while being on my Facebook Page of my Blog, it wont add to the facebook connection, but if i go to my real profile, it will add the connection. I also have no ideia how to fix that.

    I spent the last 4 hours trying to fix this, and cannot find a solution.

    this is my blog: http://atualizeseja.wordpress.com/

    this is my facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Atualize-se-J%C3%A1/268200733301787

    I know it is in Portuguese, I am from Brazil, and I also posted this on the Brazilian forum.

    Sorry for the long post, hopefully i explained correctly, if not, let me know and i will try again.

    Have a great night,
    Atualize-se Já!

    The blog I need help with is atualizeseja.wordpress.com.



    Hello everyone,
    I spent a few more hours trying to fix problem #2, and successfully did. Now about the problem #1, I asked a bunch of friends to like my facebook page, and now the pictures are not multiplied (it seems like at least), however, it stills shows X + 1 amount if you are logged on facebook and liked the page (where X is the real amount).



    X + 1 should be correct, where X is the number before you Liked it, and you are the +1.

    Are you saying that the +1 is extra, resulting in 1 more than the total plus whomever just Liked it?



    Yes, if you go to the facebook page you will see a total of 41 likes including me, but if you look it through the blog, you will see a total of 42 likes.



    Hm, I’m logged in to Facebook as myself, and only see 41 at http://atualizeseja.wordpress.com/

    It sounds like this may be a bug with what Facebook is reported when you’re logged in as the page owner.



    “It sounds like this may be a bug with what Facebook is reported when you’re logged in as the page owner.”

    For what it’s worth, it does that with me too. Don’t lose sleep over it!



    Well, are you having the same exact problem as describe here? If so, I’d say yes.



    Oh, sorry, ignore me, I read that as a question for some reason. :)



    hahahaha ye it doesn’t bother much now that the pictures are multiplied!
    Thank you everyone !

    Atualize-se Já !



    You’re welcome!


    Hi everyone,
    Im new to this blog stuff, as well as to WordPress, so I really need help.
    at my widgets,i have add [Facebook like box] in Secondary Sidebar.
    and i paste my URL ,it show up on my blog , but there is two issues .

    1. why after i click like ,and show up (Confirm You like this).
    but i research on others people blog,it doesn’t show this (Confirm You like this),it will direct Like to Facebook page.

    2. after i click like,show up (Confirm You like this). but went i click (Confirm),pop up a window :
    -The page you requested was not found.
    -You may have clicked an expired link or mistyped the address. Some web addresses are case sensitive.

    Urgently Help please.how can i fix this?
    this is my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SkyNetKualaLumpur

    this is my blog:



    It seems you put the URL of your page while using the “Facebook as Page”.
    Login to Facebook account. Go to your fan page. Make sure you’re using Facebook as profile i-e the right top icon refers to your profile. Now copy your FB page URL and paste it into the FB like widget.
    Tell me if this works.


    nothing different with the URL is the same.
    is not works.



    The Like Box only works with Facebook Pages, not Profiles.

    Here are some details on the differences: http://www.facebook.com/help/174987089221178/


    i do understand what is PAGE ,what is profile.
    this is my PAGE.and this is the URL. have a look on my page.

    and above is the URL i should paste on widgets [Facebook like box]?
    if it is ,i already try alot of times,its still the same.
    even i paste Facebook Developers page,the issues is still there.
    this is facebook developers page



    The solution is what I told you. Have you tried doing it? It is not the matter of same or different URL’s.



    https://www.facebook.com/SkyNetKualaLumpur is private. To be honest, I assumed it was a profile because folks don’t usually make private pages on Facebook.

    If that truly is a page, it needs to be made public in order to be used in the Likebox.


    Mr.saifi : i dont get it.

    Mr.Mac : what should i do? and if you said my page is private,but facebook developers page is a public page,i paste the facebook developers page URL it still the same.



    If you log out of Facebook, and try to go to https://www.facebook.com/SkyNetKualaLumpur you’ll notice that you need to log in to view it.

    It needs to be made public.


    ok, how do i made public?

    please give me some advice, its really urgent for me.

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