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    This seems to be the right guide: http://www.facebook.com/help/150193685051184/


    Mr.Mac i already change the setting to public .
    you can try to view again,but its still same.is not works.




    You added the widget to the Secondary Sidebar widget area, which does not appear on the front page.


    Its Not Works.yes i added the widget to the Secondary Sidebar widget area.
    but you still not solve my issues .
    1. why after i click like ,and show up (Confirm You like this).
    but i research on others people blog,it doesn’t show this (Confirm You like this),it will direct Like to Facebook page.

    2. after i click like,show up (Confirm You like this). but went i click (Confirm),pop up a window :
    -The page you requested was not found.
    -You may have clicked an expired link or mistyped the address. Some web addresses are case sensitive.

    did you read my question? did you click like,and see what is show up?



    Right now, I see this:

    “Sorry, something went wrong. We’re working on getting this fixed as soon as possible.”

    That message is from Facebook, so we’ll need to wait for them to fix whatever they broken.


    but why others blog dont have this kind of issues ?
    why is only my blog? and there is nothing to do with facebook,is wordpress problem.



    I’m not sure, the error that I saw at the moment was very clearly from Facebook.

    I’ll test now, since it’s gone.



    Ok, I see what you mean, but what you’re seeing is another thing that is controlled by Facebook.

    All we do is display the Likebox that they tell us to based on the link you enter and your Page’s settings.

    We can only support the WordPress.com end of things here, and as this is a Facebook Page configuration issue, you’ll need to contact Facebook.


    please update me a.s.a.p ..thanks Mr.mac


    why im who’s the one contact with facebook?
    they dont even have contact number or Email .
    im using your Blog WordPress, and i think this is not my responsible to deal with facebook.



    The fact that specifically your Facebook Likebox has the issue, and none of the 14 that I have tried since then do, is indicative of a problem on Facebook’s end.

    I don’t work for Facebook, so I have no control over their system, which means there is nothing I can do about this.

    It could be as simple as setting that I’m not familiar with or an issue on their end.

    You need to contact them or post in their community forums.



    you work with WordPress rite?
    how can you said nothing you can do?
    so which mean , WordPress are not gonna Fix this issues ? no one gonna follow up with facebook regards this issues? wordpress not gonna do anything ?
    wordpress provided this service [facebook like box] ,but there is an issues,and WordPress ask blogger to deal with facebook?
    doesn’t make sense rite?

    Mr.mac ,you are really unhelpful .
    1. you din’t read proper my question,and wasting my time.
    2. you giving the information ,is totally nothing to do with the issue.
    3. after few days just only you realise what is my question.
    4. you know what is error on wordpress blog,you dont even think to follow up or get in touch with facebook regards this issues.
    5. (you)Wordpress engineer asking me to deal my self with facebook,how do i know how to get in touch with facebook?
    which mean point me to dead end.
    6.what you reply me ,is totally irresponsible.



    Yes, I work with WordPress.com, but this is not a WordPress.com issue. This is an issue with the settings on your Facebook page, which we have absolutely no control over.

    As a Facebook user, you’ll need to contact Facebook regarding the configuration of your page. We cannot contact them on your behalf, as we only provide support for WordPress.com blogs, not Facebook.

    There are a variety of way to get help from Facebook or the Facebook community for your Facebook Page configuration troubles: http://www.facebook.com/help/220217228006012/



    To clarify, we provide the Facebook Likebox widget, which is working perfectly.

    Your Facebook Page is requiring the users to confirm their Likes, not us.



    See this dude!
    Exactly the same problem solved there. Get it.


    Still same, Mr.Hnsaifi.
    please PM me your contact number ,i will call you ,when you are free.
    so you can guide me clearly . thank you
    (email redacted)



    Mr. Hnsaifi as you said on other topic that you are “a facebook expert”, so may i ask you something??
    my blog is http://dosenea.com/ and I’m using the oxygen theme, I had always a facebook like box and everything was ok but one day i found nothing in place (empty space) I’ve changed the Color Scheme to dark and now there is only a black space. can you please tell what the problem might be and how to solve it?

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