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    Hey, I’ve been trying to add the Facebook “like” box to my sidebar, but everytime I save it and go to the blog it is coming up as text instead of the box. I’ve been copying the code for their “iframe” version, which wordpress seems to except because the widget box doesn’t delete it when i save it. the other facebook option is “xfbml”, which wordpress automatically deletes. I know when I post videos I have to “unlink” the url so they will show up properly, so I’m wondering if the same needs to be done to this, but I don’t see how to do it if so. thanks, hope that isn’t confusing

    The blog I need help with is popheadwound.com.



    Hi. You can’t add the Facebook Like Box here on WordPress.com due to code restrictions. The only known workarounds are described here, one of them being the Facebook Badge:

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