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"Facebook Like Box"-I need to display profile photos below the button

  1. dulceiutesarat

    I added "Facebook Like Box" widget in primary Sidebar. I added Facebook page URL.
    I marked show faces, show stream, show border and from visibility "show" and after that, "select".

    My problem is why no face appear into the box. I get just 3 likes till now in Facebook page (I didn't invite yet all my friends because I'm not ready with blog settings) but Facebook Like Box added on blog don't display faces. No faces into the box, looks like be empty.
    I lost a setting somewhere? ... Or maybe in Facebook page I should check something?

    If you please, you can take a look over Facebook Like Box, see you? ... is empty... and now I see border is invisible too. Earlier was correct.

    Thank you so much for all your advices gave to me!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Having the Stream pushes down the Likes. Try making your widget taller or removing the Stream to see if the icons don't reappear.

  3. dulceiutesarat

    yay! :)

    Thank you so much Jennifer! I marked "show stream" before understanding what is this. Now I understand. I really don't need this stream.

    Now box look as I wish just a little problem I see more ... faces are too large, too large icons display. What I have to do to be smaller?

    Excuse me and thank you again!

  4. dulceiutesarat

    Yesterday I wanted to check how is working this box an I gave to myself two likes I see. Look so stupid, I look like a vainglorious.

    I want to remove from there but there are not active. Could you remove from the box?

    Thank you.

  5. dulceiutesarat

    What is happened????????? :(

    Everything was ok and now is disappeared all the faces from the box not just my likes I done.

    I'm so sorry, I upset someone and change this?

    I done something wrong?

  6. dulceiutesarat

    Now look correct Likes Box, thank you, just those too large faces is a inconvenient but maybe is not allowed to change this!?

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