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Facebook Like Box isn't quite tall enough

  1. The Facebook Like Box standard widget in my right-hand sidebar isn't quite tall enough to accommodate its content. The center portion is scrollable, but there is a small amount of content at the bottom (sort of like a "footer" for that box) that is truncated. I am viewing this in both Safari and Firefox, in case that makes a difference.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. There's a left hand side scrollbar and the box expands as required when one clicks the "show more" link.

  3. There is no left-hand side scrollbar, and no "show more" link. When you are looking at my blog, do you see something different than I do? If so, what browser are you using, in case that makes a difference? I can take a screen shot if necessary.

  4. OK, now I see a "show more" link, but it doesn't do what you think I want it to do, which is to show the truncated fixed area at the bottom of the box. Instead, it merely goes out to Facebook and grabs additional content for the scrollable area. The barely-visible "footer" in the box remains barely visible, fixed in place, and illegible.

  5. Oops! I said left hand when I meant right hand scrollbar - sorry about that. :( I'm using Firefox 19 and see no issues with that widget at all.

  6. The barely-visible "footer" in the box remains barely visible, fixed in place, and illegible.

    I don't experience that using Firefox 19. I tagged this thread for a Staff follow-up. Please subscribe to it so you are notified when they respond.

  7. What is the LAST thing you see at the bottom of the box? For me, it is the top of the tiny Facebook logo, and the tops of a few letters following it (but not enough to make out what it might say).

  8. And right above this is a thin gray line, separating it from the scrollable area.

  9. I see:
    [Show More]
    thin gray line

  10. I was on Firefox 15, but the behavior is the same in Firefox 16 and also in Firefox 19. And, btw, if I configure the box to be taller (in pixels), it has no effect on the "footer". All that will do is make the scrollable area larger.

  11. If you see the thin gray line, then you are missing EVEN MORE of what's supposed to be there than I am.

  12. The latest stable versions of the browsers here > are the ones that are supported by

  13. Hi there - I see what you mean about the cut-off bit at the bottom. I was able to replicate the problem on a test site running Oxygen. It looks OK when I switch to Twenty Eleven, meaning that the issue may be theme-specific. I'll let our developers know so they can have a look. Thanks for reporting this.

    Timethief - if you're on a PC that may explain why you're not seeing it, since wyocec and I are both on Macs.

  14. @kathrynwp
    Yes, I'm on a PC.

  15. I have a similar problem.
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  16. @marcosstockl
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