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Facebook Like Box not working

  1. The Facebook Like Box widget on does not work for me. It merely displays a link (made with the widget title) that takes me to my Facebook page.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I have since discovered that the Facebook Like Box renders just fine on other browsers (Firefox and iOS Safari). My original problem remains with my main desktop browser, which is Safari (for Mac).

  3. thistimethisspace

    Please click this link and tell us exactly which browser and version of it your are using >

  4. Safari (for Mac), Version 6.0 (7536.25)

  5. thistimethisspace

    Thanks for that. Is that one of the versions found here >

  6. Yes, I am reasonably up-to-date, although I am running Software Update (a Mac OSX feature) right now. There appears to be an update to 6.0.2 available. I'll see if that makes a difference, although I am not hopeful.

  7. It made no difference.

  8. I found it. It is caused by my Ghostery extension. I've disabled it until I can figure out whether they (Ghostery) offer a fix, upgrade, or workaround.

  9. thistimethisspace

    I'm glad you found that and disabled it. Best wishes with your blog.

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