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    Dear All,
    Is the Facebook Like Box buggy? Or is it me? Mine is showing the faces as doubles, when there’s totally no need to do so.
    Note: I regularly clear my cache and cookies.
    Thanks for helping out.

    Greetings, Evita

    The blog I need help with is ivichiesays.wordpress.com.



    Hi Evita. When I go to your blog, I only see each face once. The problem has been reported before, so maybe it’s intermittent.



    Dear airodyssey, thanks for replying.
    Yes, it’s intermittent. The box either displays only some faces and doesn’t fill out completely or it shows doubles when it fills out. And totally ignoring the fact that there’s an enough amount of people to fill out the boxspace.

    WordPress should have left in the variable height possibility and locked it a minimum height. Alike the standard Facebook box you can get with code; that’s two rows. Right now the box is way too high with a minimum of 5 rows; and worse, it can’t handle the display.

    I’m not easily annoyed; but I do find this quite annoying. For I simply don’t know what I’m getting —not counting that I know the widget’s not getting it right.

    For now, I choose not to display faces —forced by a buggy widget. :-(

    Again, thanks though.
    Greetings from a sulking & a bit unhappy Evita
    Greetings, Evita



    got the same problem.



    @jjizzle: Yes. Join the club; sorry to say. :-) And seems like this problem’s not going away either. I’m contacting the WP support on this. Maybe they can/will work on it.

    Greetings, Evita

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