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Facebook Like Box widget not working

  1. Hello,

    I attempted several times and in several ways to add the "Facebook Like Box" widget to my blog (in the sidebar, at the beginning of the text on a blog, in the text widget), nothing seems to work. I believe I am using "Connections" as my theme. I just can't seem to get the widget to display no matter what I try.



    Joe Krulder

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hello there!
    Please see this
    Please note that you can use facebook like box widget when you have a facebook fan page.

  3. Thanks, this worked, I can now place in the sidebar the widget.

    HOWEVER, I am - at the same time - trying to place a small tiny little like on facebook simple at the beginning or end of a few select articles. This can be seen here

    so that it's clear as to what I am attempting to do.

    If you could assist - you are "Awesome Dude"


  4. @joekrulder
    Please read this first: bs The Differences

    You are pointing to a video that does not apply to free hosted bloggers like yourself. It's a video focused on software. No stuff applies to our blogs.

    The only Facebook likebox option for blogs like yours are found in our support documentation.

    You can have Facebook like & share buttons on your posts. You can enable sharing buttons on your posts, pages and index pages. Also note the “like” button.

  5. To add facebook like button.
    Go to settings > Sharing > at the bottom of the page where it says 'Button style' select official buttons.

  6. Thanks! Awesome.
    Very helpful!!!

  7. @joekrulder
    You're welcome and please save yourself grief by knowing that the instructions and videos you find on the interent are not applicable to blogs unless they clearly state they are. The vast and overwhleming majority of what is there applies only to self hosted installs.

  8. And you're welcome from me too. :)

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