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  1. Dear Support Team,

    I noticed I can't add the facebook like plugin ( which I believe is essential for every post, since it allows users to easily like the post directly on facebook (I'm sure you don't need me to explain this). Please add it for users like us! PLEASE!!

    Thank you :-)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hello Haceleven,

    You might want to check out the Sharing Settings:

    -John Jr

  3. Hi John!

    Thanks for replying. Yes I am aware of those services and am using them on my blog.

    Liking posts is easier and sometimes more desirable than sharing them. It provides feedback for both user and blogger. It's a different functionality and it's available for servers with running on them, unfortunately it's not available for users like me who use the website.

    Hope that changes...

    Hani :-)

  4. Oh, oops! :D

    You are welcome Hani, and good luck. :)

    -John Jr

  5. I know that it is not the same thing but until then have you considered enabling Ratings ( on your blog Hacelven?

    -John Jr

  6. No I haven't actually. I will definitely consider it! I still believe Facebook like is more important though.

    Thank you so much for this suggestion :-)


  7. Good luck and you are welcome Haceleven:) , though Ratings do not seem to get much attention/love or updates/improvements on WordPress, and I agree that Fakebook/Facebook Likes are definitely more popular; but Ratings are better than nothing I guess/think, but I could be wrong. :D

    Also do not forget that there are Comment Likes on WordPress now under the Sharing Settings, if you are interested in a feature like that, and if you decide to use Ratings in the future you might/may want to also check out the Top Rated Widget ( ;)

    -John Jr

  8. Hello Haceleven,

    Here are some other Facebook Integration Options that you might/may want to check out:

    Good luck,
    -John Jr

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