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    Very recently, WordPress added the Tweet me button, which I am using and is simply a great addition to my site. I don’t want to be greedy but we really need a Facebook “Like” button in the future!!!

    Any thoughts?

    The blog I need help with is goofballwebsite.wordpress.com.


    Agreed, considering how much the user base of Facebook dwarfs that of Twitter it seems odd to have one and not the other. Actually it’s a bit strange on the whole how few methods there are on wordpress for social media interconnectivity, without going through the effort of doing it yourself anyway.



    With the WordPress Like button in place and being promoted , would we get facebook like button anytime soon ?


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    I almost require a facebook like button. It is a good way to spread the word about your blog. If it isn’t possible, I will most likely end up going somewhere that I can do this. Please add this feature- I like this site other than not being able to do this!



    While you are waiting you can generate post specific Facebook buttons here http://getsociallive.com and start using them on your posts now.


    They’re Nazis! Screw them and their real names or else we’ll ban you bullcrap!! Add a Myspace button and the world will be a better place.


    Here’s how to get a more prominent Twitter Retweet Button than what WordPress is offering us (I’ve used both) and a Facebook “Like” Button on your WordPress.COM blog. I tried the GetSocial one and didnt like the fact that when you click “Like” it went to a screen with their logo on it. If I was a person liking a site, I wouldn’t know what I was liking?? This Facebook “Like” Button doesn’t do that and it works… The proof is on my blog. http://easy2usesiteskzn.wordpress.com/2010/08/05/facebook-like-and-twitter-retweet-buttons-for-blogs/



    I think, if WP and FB got along really well and gave us a really powerful integration opportunity ie the ability to tag a Facebook Friend photo within WordPress.com – WHOA! Imagine the traffic spike!


    Hip hip horray! Yay WordPress! Thank you for this awesome service!




    Jesus, if the photos tagged with my name at FB started showing up here, I’d have to start unFriending people. There’s a reason my profile is private (and btw, Facebook doesn’t indicate to your readers your desired level of privacy).




    That would be bad. I was thinking of a one-way tagging where only images on a WP.com blog get tagged assuming of course the reason being a mutual FB friend’s face appears or there’s an interesting element you want to notify that friend about. A tag that originates on FB would not make it beyond the borders of FB nor would they allow it, anyway.



    I’m not quite sure what the resolution of this thread is. Does WordPress.com have a Facebook Like button that we can add to our blogs?




    The following entry of mine has 8 Facebook “Likes” as I and other visitors can see. But I can’t see who are those eight persons who have “liked” my post. How can I identify my admirers? http://wagle.com.np/2010/09/16/inside-the-tirupati-balaji-temple-complex/

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