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Facebook Like Button

  1. Hello

    I am trying to add Facebook Like button on my blog but the code provided by FB doesn't work. Any suggestions??
    Thank You!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If you want an image in your sidebar that links to your Facebook page see here >

    If you want a Facebook like button to appear at the end of your posts see here >

    If you want Facebook SHARE and LIKE the same time then see here >

    See also >

  3. I have the same problem. It is not simply an image that links to the facebook page. I want the 'Like' button to display in my side bar (using the 'text' widget) but the code simply does not work for some reason. I'm afraid none of the links above address this (or if they do, I'm missing it).


  4. To elaborate - there only seem to be settings (within wordpress) to add the like button to posts, but not pages, or the whole site itself.
    Facebook provides code for a 'like' button that allows people to 'like' your site, but when you try to publish it the code changes and/or is deleted completely!

    FB gives you two different types of code as well, one using 'Iframes' and the other using 'Div', neither works. =(

    Very frustrating!

  5. @tkdcentre: Did you review the last link timethief provided in her previous response?

  6. Yeah, but I was hoping someone had a better solution. A plain text link just looks a bit amateur. :-\

  7. Thank You timethief... for your help once again.

    @ tkdcenter... I agree there should be a better solution ...

    for now though, i followed Nitty Grity and used work around to get the like button on my blog... thanks everyone for your input.

  8. I followed the instructions in the last link. It all seemed to be going fine until I clicked the link I'd created, and it took me to google. =P Might try again later, but I'm not sure it's worth all the hassle considering the end product is a major compromise anyway...

  9. @meghnas
    You're welcome and best wishes with your blogging. :)

  10. @ tkccenter... did you link the image to your facebook page??? the post before copying the HTML Code to Widget ??? It worked for me... when i click on the image on sidebar it takes me to my FB page... Now i am stuck at not being able to import my blog to my FB Page.

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