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    wanted to add FB LIKE (as opposed to SHARE) button to my blog but the task seems to be IMPOSSIBLE!!! Spend an entire day yesterday trying to do it and all I achieved was a headache ;(
    To put the button up I tried the following: http://getsociallive.com/ which does produce a code but I know squat about where to place it to get the actual LIKE icon (and not a link to a like icon, which was the peak of my achievements so far ;( )
    I have then tried this link: http://facebooklikebutton.wordpress.com/2011/05/17/how-to-add-a-facebook-like-button-to-your-wordpress-blog-2/ which seemed really straighforward at first cos it had step by step instructions but lost me around #15 (step 15): and even after checking out how to create links in text widgets on wordpress support website http://en.support.wordpress.com/links/text-widget-links/, and followed all the right instructions, it still produced a widget displaying the actual code rather than the icon (as a result you could cilck on it and then a whole new page opened up with a tiny little thumb-up facebook icon, doh!) Mind you I have succesfully created links in text widgets since, so I don’t know what the problem when I’m trying to create the LIKE button. Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong here please? Otherwise my headache will only increase and I’ll probably start losing hair as well :(
    Also, I’d like to have the LIKE button under my posts as well as for a whole blog. Is that possible? Both options I’ve tried so far only seem to result in one or the other… I’m greedy and want both :)

    The blog I need help with is gosiasdrawer.wordpress.com.



    ooops, wrote a big bulky essay here…! Well, hope that will at least help someone help me! :)


    Go to your dashboard, then appearance on the left, then click “widgets”. There should be one called “Facebook Like Box” or something around that, and you can add your facebook page to it. Do not make a text widget and put the link of your facebook page. Look at my facebook like widget on the right of my page if you still need help:www.aaroncohenphotography.wordpress.com
    Do you want it to look like mine?



    @gosiaczekm: The answer offered by aacohen97 is to put a Like button for people to like your Facebook Fan Page.

    If you also want to add a Like button at the end of your posts to like the post itself, go to Settings > Sharing, add Facebook to the list of active services, and make sure your Button Style is set to “Official”.

    @aacohen97: Just a thought… your username already links to your blog. No need to link to your own blog (or to insert your address) when posting on this forum, much less when answering support questions.



    @airodyssey. Thanks a tonne. Just changing button style to ‘Official’ worked like a charm!



    well, making the button official certainly does help in a way: it transforms a generic facebook button into ‘LIKE’ one. NIce and easy trick, although I wouldn’t have EVER realised this on my own. Thanks airodyssey.



    Hey guys. Thanks a lot for all this great insight. You saved my life



    @airodyssey thanks mate thanks a ton



    Thanks. Helped me loads!




    Thanks a lot


    can anyone say how to put the LIKE and SHARE button together?…changing the button style doesnt solve this problem…. :(



    You can easily enable sharing buttons on your posts, pages and index pages.
    Also note the “like” button. http://en.support.wordpress.com/sharing/
    You can have both Facebook like & share buttons on your posts.



    Thanks so much to airodyssey! You are amazing!!!



    Finally figured it out!
    Thanks to Airodyssey :D



    Hi all, I’m new to wordpress.com and am in the middle of constructing static pages (rather than posts). Is it possible to have Facebook Like and Share buttons on static pages without linking to my own personal facebook page in setting this up in the sharing option in the dashboard … just can’t work this one out. I don’t do code.



    Your blog is private. Many of the Available Services are missing from the selection on the sharing settings page. If your blog is private, you will see fewer number of services listed.


    I’m still lost, and all I can really figure out is that God hates me; otherwise, I wouldn’t be having all this trouble! This is so incredibly frustrating.
    I’m a writer, and I want people to friend me on facebook. I can’t switch to a fan page, or I’ll lose all my friends. How do I put an icon in a widget so people will be linked to my personal page?
    I’d be so grateful if anybody could help! Thank you in advance!


    been trying to add Twitter, linkd in etc to my blog through Sharing in Settings. Unfortunately I dont have the Sharing option in my Settings menu. I ‘ve checked my privacy settings and oddly the tick box ‘I would like my blog to be visible only to users I choose’ isnt there – ! Any ideas? my blog is http://www.michelemarcoux.com




    it is really help me, thank you so much, my blog http://www.klikharry.com


    Hey all, does anybody know of a button that will make the reader send me a friend request on facebook just from that click?

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