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    I have enabled sharing in my blog (icurrencyplus.wordpress.com), but when I click the Facebook Like button, the thumbnail in facebook is not the image of the post. I had the same problem with dlvr.it and it turn to be that there are no images in the title of the blog (obvious), so in dlvr.it case there is an option to use the first image oof the body of the post. Is there any way to set the Facebook Like button to get the first image of the blog body for the thumbnail?


    The blog I need help with is icurrencyplus.wordpress.com.



    Just so you know, you’re not alone. Everyone’s having the same problem! Even Facebook themselves can’t get it right. If you post a link in a Facebook comment box, a recently released feature displays a post preview along with what appears to be randomly picked thumbnail pic.


    Although in principal I agree with you, all other sites work well. I think the problem is that the like button is configured to take an image from the title and that is the problem. As I said I managed to solve it in dlvr.it by configuring to use the body to scan for thumbnails instead of the title. It is not a randomly picked picture, it is the same “hour-glass apple-like” circle. That is for FB that there is no image. By using the FB Lint check link you can notice it.

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