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Facebook like-button on post doesn't work

  1. Hi!

    Recently, one week ago or so, the "facebook like button" in POSTS stopped working. When you click, it for a brief moment shows 1 like, and then back to 0 again. This means our posts don't get any likes, even if several of our readers clicked the button. What shall we do? It's run on a blog, and I can't find any solution...


    The blog I need help with is

  2. and the URL:

  3. Hi Michaela. I tried liking one of your posts, and the indicator turned from "Nothing" to "1". Then I unliked it and the indicator turned back to "Nothing". I suspect it's a browser issue. Try one of the tips here:

  4. Hi Michaela. I've experienced the same problem with my last post, but in older posts the Like button works properly. I'd like to know if you have a clue to resolve this problem or maybe is a WordPress topic. Thx

  5. I have the same problem on :(

  6. Same problem on today's post and also on my July 5th post. Other posts working fine. Would love to know a quick fix.

  7. I have the same problem. Whenever I try to like a post or get a friend to try and like a post on my blog. It isn't a browser problem becaue I was able to like pages on other sites.

  8. p.s. here is my page that the like button doesn't work on

  9. @blocgeo, reniferu, emmitts, shaunman
    I did the exact same thing the last Volunteer did. I checked all of your Facebook like buttons and they all work. Please do as he stated.
    If you are running an outdated browser version then please note that you can upgrade here >

  10. I also have this problem here:

    my like button just doesn't work. For more than a week (perhaps even 2 weeks) now...

  11. Yeah well, thats not a blog, so its not our problem.

  12. Yes, it's a blog. :)

    Maybe you could have the kindness to have a look at the share button-problems that some people seem to have.

  13. I've got the exact same problem. The like button on the last post doesn't work. All the others seem to be just fine. And no, it's not a browser issue. I've refreshed + CTRL R'ed + tried it in several different browsers (Firefox, Chrome and IE). It's just not working anymore.

  14. Hello guys..I'm new to the word press blog n hav just reated my own blog.problem is I can not find the link to my facebook page,though I created one.Or may be do not know how to do the wa,I already accepted activation on face book.what could be the problem.

  15. @jollystephenk: To get the link to your Facebook fan page, you have to go to the Facebook website. It normally looks like or something like

  16. @ vontompka - THANK YOU. It worked perfectly and not only can people now 'like' it, it showed all 45 who liked it before me. Thanks - you rock!

  17. Same issue with me, and it’s happened for quite some time.

    Funny thing is: it doesn’t always happen. I’d say it happens on one out of four posts for me (at, which is powered by WordPress).

    I’m using the latest browsers (Firefox 5, and whatever Seamonkey is up to). I monitor my cookies regularly and have deleted just the relevant ones.

  18. @jackyan - Have you tried this solution -

    It works in most of the cases.

  19. awesome! thanks so much for that tip, worked perfectly.

  20. but now i've just published a new post and it has the same problem, seems we have to use this techblogx trick everything now... would be wonderful if we could get some feedback from wordpress as this is obviously not just a browser issue...

  21. but now i've just published a new post and it has the same problem, seems we have to use this techblogx trick everytime we post now... would be wonderful if we could get some feedback from wordpress as this is obviously not just a browser issue...

  22. vdevphotography

    I had the same problem, check that your post has tags, a featured picture, a title and a text and it should fix it!!

  23. For me the like button works for some of the posts and not for the others. I don't know why some posts cannot be liked and others can.

    For example I can't like this post ( ) or this one ( )

    But this post can be liked:

    I just can't figure it out. The solution offered by vontrompka doesn't work for me... if anyone could help I would be very grateful!

  24. I'm sorry you are experiencing this. We Volunteers answering support questions do not have any additional advice to provide.

  25. ok thank you anyway

  26. @wernerkalders
    I hope you read this carefully and understand that this support forum is only for those who have free hosted WordPress.COM blogs. vs. The differences

    The blog you posted the links to is NOT a free hosted WordPress.COM blog and we cannot help with it. The correct support forum for that software is here http://wordpress.ORG./sopprt/

    note that raincoaster already told you this above >

  27. oops! I made typing errors. That link to the WordPress.ORG support forum is this one http://wordpress.ORG/support/

  28. Ok sorry for that! I'll be more careful before posting

  29. You're welcome.What we are discussing here does not apply to your self hosted install. You need to make friends over here > http://wordpress.ORG/support/ because posting into these threads can only result in creating confusion for others using WordPress.COM software and has no application to your install.

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