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Facebook like button widget

  1. Thank you for your support request:

    I want to add the Facebook like button to my site (on the sidebar).

    I know that you can add the like button to individual pages and posts. But what I want to do is add one button for the whole site. But since doesn't support javascript or iframe custom widgets, I currently can't do so. Please make an official widget so that it is easy to add the like button on the sidebar.

    Ditto for the Google +1 button.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Are you aware of the Facebook like box widget found here? Appearance > Widgets
    Also note the Facebook badge.

  3. If you are solution orientated and comprehend Staff do not instantly respond to feature requests, then you can capture a Google+ image and link it to your Google+ profile page, and place it in an image widget or a text widget and display it in your sidebar.

    Note that when posting to these forums it's helpful to those who are answering questions if your username is linked to your blog. I had to search to find it because you have linked your username to Google+ and that means another person didn't get an answer to their question as quickly as they could have so please change the link.

  4. Hi

    Thanks for the reply.

    None of the solutions you suggested do what I want to achieve. I know what I want to do can't be done with the features offers now. That is why I wanted to put out a feature request to the WordPress team as I think that this would be a useful widget.

    Sorry for the trouble but I want my username to be linked to my Google+ profile only.

  5. I would like to have a Facebook "like" button show on each post. Despite checking "Show buttons on" every category except media, the thumbs up like button does not appear.

    blog: VBI

  6. I see it on your posts. YOu probably just need to do a cache clear!

  7. Thank you, raincoaster. I finally figured it out by reading another thread. I had to choose the "official" style for the button. I appreciate your quick response.

  8. theserviceleader

    I too would like a Facebook 'Like' button that allows a person to 'Like' a post (or the whole blog site) and it shows on the person's Facebook wall.

    DON'T want to have Facebook have access to all personal information when someone clicks 'Like'.

    My subscribers are asking for this feature.


  9. @theserviceleader: You want people to be able to "Like" posts on Facebook... without exchanging any information to Facebook? That's contradictory, isn't it?

  10. ~~airodyssey
    It makes my head spin! :S

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