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    Is there a way/code to put a Facebook Like Button on my blog posts? All I can find is iframe code, and that obviously does not work. Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is rocksinthesandbox.com.



    Hello there,
    You will find a social bookmark generator for wordpress.com blogs including a Facebook “like” button here > http://getsociallive.com
    Happy blogging!


    Awesome…worked great! Thank you very much!



    You’re welcome. This post may also interest you > Importing wordpress.com post snippets into Facebook fan pages
    Happy blogging. :)




    Great. Is there a way, though, for the button to display how many people have already “liked” the post on Facebook?



    @qifanabki, Sorry That options is not available… -sk



    when i use that getsociallive tool it takes me to that getsocial live page when i try to like a post. What exactly is it doing?



    Can you give us a link to one of the posts you tried to Like, so we can see? Sounds like someone didn’t copy the code correctly.



    that getsocial live thing is just a redirection page, I don’t like that at all.

    @slikbonez: do you know if there are any plans on adding a feature like this? It would be great. I mean, we have publicize, why not a simple facebook like button that every user will use, it’s been very famous since Facebook people implemented it.



    i’m also interesting is WP will be adding this feature…



    Not that we have heard but then Volunteers don’t have a clue what may be coming down the pipe next, only Staff do. http://en.support.wordpress.com/contact/



    DING DONG! I did not click your username until after I had posted above. The blog linked to your username is not a wordpress.COM free hosted blog. You are posting to the wrong forum if you are asking about that wordpress.ORG install here. The correct forum for your software is > http://wordpress.ORG/support/

    For clarity please read > WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org http://support.wordpress.com/com-vs-org/


    Getsocial just redirects the clicks on the button to its page. And so does most of the other options.
    This link – http://shongjog.wordpress.com/2010/06/14/any-social-bookmarking-for-wordpress-com/ again redirects the clicks on the button but the redirected page isn’t some website but a blank page with a like button.

    Although the process is complicated, it does its job and once you do it for the first time, doing it again is nor long neither complicated – but the person liking the post has to press the button twice – once at the post, next on the redirected blank page.

    Wonder if some markup adjustments in the code could make the button on the post itself live and not redirect further.




    Thanks for trying any social bookmarking. Trust me, if there was a way to have facebook data shown in the blog post itself, I would have done it. The code needed to display live updates won’t work in wordpress.com. Sorry.


    To WordPress: Could you please implement some way to add the Facebbok Like button on the blog pages. Customer request. Thanks.

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