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Facebook "like" code doesn't work in wordpress?

  1. I have a facebook group, for the blog, with like buttons on the blog (on the right and after each post) But I would also like to put these buttons :
    into it 2... but wordpress wont recognize the facebook code?? :(

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Also trying the same thing...there's something with the WordPress guys, I think they remove iframes and javascript for security...its the same thing when you try embed stuff from a few of the other not well known video sites like Ustream.TV.

    So any word from the WordPress guys out there...hello hello hello...can somebody hear me hear me hear me...

    This Facebook Like thing is really becoming big and I hope they move fast to either giving us a solution or just telling us that we ain't allowed to embed the Like iframes...

  3. I had no problem using it on my self-hosted WordPress blog, but I haven't tried it here.

  4. @riverbooks
    There is no FTP access to free hosted blogs and we cannot install plugins. Please read the differences between free hosted blogs and free installs

    We also cannot edit templates at so that we can have social bookmarks that automatically appear. We also have code restrictions. However, we do have alternatives.

    There is a Facebook "like" button here > that does work on blogs. There you will also find a complete set to social bookmarks that we can use on blogs. Also note that when you publish if you have used theme your Twitter and Facebook accounts will be automatically updated.

  5. The "like" button has javascript in it, and it cannot be used in its normal form because javascript is not allowed here due to security concerns.

    The solution Timethief references works very well here though.

  6. ya i used getsociallive, but I really wanted that box that shows how many people and there pictures... :(

    the like button on get social opens some random window... and doesn;t display on the site very well... anywho.. thanks for all the answers!!! :)

  7. I really wanted that box that shows how many people and there pictures...

    That sounds like the description of a followers widget. Sorry it was a no can do.

  8. how do i add getsocial to my blog

  9. if you plug in your site/post URL into that getsocial box it gives you a code to put in text widgets or in your posts/pages..

    (look at me, answering questions like a pro) :D

  10. Your blog? I don't think you can add HTML into Facebook.

  11. Can we upgrade so that we can do it? I can't believe that something as popular as Facebook is being denied under false security concerns. Literally just about everyone else on the planet supports this, why not WordPress? How would this be any different than the twitter widget that you've created?

  12. No, you can't.

    Believe me, as a security blogger I can say rather definitively that Facebook is one of the least secure sites on the web.

    The Twitter widget is really just a pimped-out RSS widget. That's easy and safe.

    if you want a Like button, just use Getsociallive. It works like a charm.

  13. you might like to try out Any Social Bookmarking for blogs.

    You can have other sharing buttons and not just Facebook Like if you use this method.

  14. I think should work, perhaps in collaboration with FB or something to ensure that users can seamlessly connect two sites via the features that have been demanded by some above. BTW, sucks as it displays loads of ads while redirecting people to the Like button. It would be great if itself handled such features.

  15. has provided Publicize >

    Please take your suggestion directly to Staff as Volunteers answering forum questions have no role to play in the decision making process.

  16. I was just hoping that the all powerful and mighty Staffs would read us by chance :) [Publicize feature is slightly different from what we are discussing here: FB like button and being able to sign in/comment on with FB login etc.]

  17. I understand what you want however, as I said above, Volunteers have no part to play in this process. This is a peer support forum and Staff monitor threads but if you wish to get their attention then contacting them directly is the way to go.

  18. You know, with all the facebook security issues and such at facebook, I don't know that I would want any connection between my blog and facebook.

    Just sayin'

  19. And then there are the people who want to drag all the comments from FB and paste them on their blogs. That will shock and annoy a LOT of people.

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