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facebook like count reset to zero - why???

  1. This morning one of my blogposts had a facebook like count of 99...but the next time I loaded the blogpost the facebook like count showed 0 (zero). This has happened several times now with other posts. Why? And how can I re-instate the correct number? This is a memorial type post and it is meaningful to the relatives to see all those facebook like counts.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Which post specifically? We need the URL when you're talking about a particular post.

  3. wow now the facebook like count is back up to the count number that makes sense for that post! Does this mean you did something to fix it and if so, what? Is it something I can do myself if this ever happens again? Thanks.

  4. I certainly didn't do anything, but I have noticed that the FB counts do fluctuate a lot.

  5. pretty flakey... I haven't found an answer anywhere for if there is actually anything to set, reset, or do other than hope it doesn't happen again...perhaps more importantly, I am assuming it is only the count that is flakey and not all each actual "shares/likes/whatever it's called these days" that passes through to facebook that getting wiped out. Do you happen to know?

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