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Facebook "Like" disappeared?

  1. I did search first!

    The Facebook "Like" is still under Sharing in the Dashboard, but seems to have disappeared off the bottom of posts, although the space it was sitting in is still there.

    I have tried Chrome and IE 9. I noticed it on my work computer, so that is two computers and two browsers so far.

    The Facebook "share" button is still there and active.

    Has something happened?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The facebook button is showing up although, the their logo is gone.

    It's loading on my blog, so this may be a temporary glitch. Wait a few more minutes and refresh the page.

  3. eksith, there are two different Facebook buttons - not sure you are aware of that, sorry if you are! One is there, the other has gone.

  4. Here is what I see at the bottom of your posts.


  5. I see "Please don't hotlink" with your url.......

    What you will see is a Facebook button, then a space, then the Tweet This button. The Facebook "Like button was between those two, and is still showing in the Sharing settings as being positioned there.

  6. Hi TeamO I can't see the facebook like icon on your blog from IE 9.0. There's something wrong. Exclude the FB like icon fronm list, save changes, include it again make sure you have selected 'Official button' for icon style, save changes.

  7. Oops. I fixed the link.

    I'm seeing the FB button, so not sure what's going on there.

  8. Eksith, there should be TWO - a Facebook share button, which is showing and a Facebook "Like" button. There is only one.

    Hnsaifi - I think it may have to do with the current maintenance going on - have you noticed email notifications aren't being sent, Read Blogs isn't working and the little notifications in the top right hand corner are shoing a number either.

  9. Yep, eksith - that is exactly what I see - which is incorrect.

  10. Well, there is a space after the FB button, but not sure how this is incorrect.

    Adding FB to the sharing options basically adds one and only one button.
    You can maybe change the "Button style" to "icon only" instead of "icon + text" like so to see if that will make it look better. That's what I have on my blog.

  11. No, eksith, you can have two Facebook buttons. The Share button and the Like button - which I have had for quite some considerable time until it disappeared today.

    BOTH are still showing in my Dashboard Sharing setup.

    Let me find the thread somewhere that tells you how to have BOTH buttons! :)

  12. teamoyeniyi, That's totally different.

    You wrote "Facebook "Like" disappeared?", and there's only one "like" button. Share is different.

    I did notice on that post, the facebook icon that was linked wasn't loading for me, so it may be a simple issue of the image not loading.

    If you followed the share directions on that post, search for a FB icon you like from here instead and change the Icon URL to that.

  13. Try changing the Icon URL to this. I like it and think you would to... Plus, it's exactly 16 x 16, which is the size required.

  14. I don't think you understand. It has been on my page ever since that thread, whenever it was. It just disappeared TODAY.

    The LIKE has disappeared, the SHARE is still on my page.

    Never mind. I'll wait and see what happens when the maintenance is over.

    Thanks for helping!

  15. Mine's disappeared too. I only use the LIKE button not the SHARE so now there's a blank between Twitter and Google share buttons.

  16. I understood.
    You want both a share button and a like button.

    I just changed my blog following those instructions and I have both a share button and a like button so this isn't a WordPress maintenance issue.

    Try removing both the like button and the share button and add them back again. Except just change the "Icon URL" on the share button to the one I linked above and you should see both.

  17. I'm having the same problems, too. I've tried using different browsers (Firefox and IE) and it still wasn't visible. I also tried removing it from Sharing, saving it, putting it back on again and then saving it, and still nothing. All the other icons are there.

    If it helps, my WordPress theme is Vigilance.

  18. Could be theme related - I'm on Traction

  19. The Facebook "Like" button is BACK!

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