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Facebook like widget not displaying

  1. My Facebook like widget has disappeared from my pages. I tried deleting it and adding again but it still just shows a white space where it should be (along with the faces).


    The blog I need help with is

  2. alivingloveletter

    Are you logged in on Facebook? If not, it won't display until you do. That was the problem when I used to use that widget. Try it see what happens.

  3. Thanks for the suggestion. I am logged into FB, but still just seeing that white space. Same thing on hubby's computer.

  4. @guriausa
    I see a Facebook likebox widget displaying on the blog linked to your username. If you cannot see it that indicates you have a browser related issue. Try clearing your browser cache please
    If you are not running one of the browsers and versions of them found at then please upgrade. if you are running one of those browsers please post again and tell us which one it is and which version it is.

  5. @hodgepodge4thesoul
    Please search first and post backlinks to the authoritative correct answers you locate in forum threads and/or in support docs, so you do not mislead others by posting incorrect suggestions.

  6. @guriausa
    You cannot use the Facebook like widget provided by Facebook on any blog. You can use only this one

  7. alivingloveletter

    As my statement read, it was just a suggestion. I tend to NOT be dogmatic. But thanks for your input @timethief. Good to know.

  8. Thank you, it does appear to be a problem with pesky Firefox. I tried accessing from Chrome and it shows up fine. I'd also like to thank you for another post of yours that explained how to add a translate button. I was able to use that on my blog.

    @hodgepodge, I appreciate your suggestion and help.

  9. @guriausa
    You're welcome and best wishes.

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