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Facebook likebox widget

  1. HI all. I dropped the facebook likebox widget on my side bar but it is asking for a URL that I cannot find. What in the world is it asking for? I tried to search for it but the only ref to it is someones workaround blog post that is now not working. Face book only gives out a long string code for it.

    Thanks -John

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You have to enter the URL for your Facebook Page, for example

  3. If you had done a simple forum search you would know that the Facevook like widget cannot be used on blogs.

    Additional information and links:
    You can post a Facebook badge in your sidebar.

    You can also enable sharing buttons on your posts, pages and index pages.
    Also note the “like” button.

    You can have Facebook like & share buttons on your posts.

    You can use a Twitter widget >

    You can post a twitter follow button >

    You can set up Publicize and publish to your Facebook profile page >

    Alternatively you can use Networked Blogs or RSS Grafitti for posting to Facebook walls if you prefer.

  4. @batmoo
    Hello there. I must have missed the announcement. Does the Facebook like box widget now operate on blogs without the software stripping the code out? Please clarify.

  5. Thank you for the help and I did do a search. Why is the stupid widget called "Facebook like box" if i cannot use it then, this is beyond me. I didn't import it, how would I?

    Thanks everyone -John

  6. I don't get it myself, it was just there one day. You have to enter the URL like batmoo said. I finally got it to work.


  7. @konaexpress
    I wnet here > Appearance > Widgets and discovered the brand new Facebook like box widget.
    "Display a Facebook Like Box to connect visitors to your Facebook Page"
    This is going to make lots of users very happy. Yay! for Staff. :)

  8. Yes, I think it will.

    Sorry if I sounded a bit snippy, I hate posting in huge forums.


  9. Not to worry. I didn't take what you said in a negative way, John. I was astonished to find this widget in my blog. As I said above many users are going to be happy about this and some may even be over the moon about it. Best wishes with your blog. :)

  10. Hi John and batmoo. I've entered my Facebook url per batmoo's post, but it's telling me "Could not retrieve id for the specified page. Please verify correct href was passed in." Is there a step I'm missing, or was I supposed to embed the url in some html code or something?

  11. @dborys What URL are you entering? Note that the Like Box only works with Facebook Pages (and not Personal Profiles).

  12. Ah, that's it then. I'll have to point it to my page instead. I was trying to point to my profile. Thank you!

  13. Hi!.........uh...........I'm new at this so what I did was go to my main facebook page (not the =wall) and put that in. in my case it was something like that, no =wall or anything at the end.

  14. @konaexpress Under the widget's options, you can select "Show Stream" to display your wall, plus other tweaks (click on the arrow to view the options). You might want to decrease the width a bit as well, so it fits better in your sidebar.

  15. "Could not retrieve id for the specified page. Please verify correct href was passed in"
    Thats the message Im getting in a pink box.

  16. Ah. I see its only for pages.. okay never mind

  17. Love it! But wish I could control it a bit more. I'd like to be able to set the height as well as the width.

  18. Same here. And when I tried it on my blog, the widget title was clickable, but with a bogus URL (that started with http://http://)

  19. @vivianpaige Glad you like it! We took out the height option because it does odd things when not set correctly (e.g. too short).

    @airodyssey The Title URL should now be fixed.

  20. technicalcopywriter

    I've tried this out a number of times and it doesn't seem to work on my site: And yes, I'm linking to a FB page, not a profile. Whatever I try it just gives the message: "Could not retrieve id for the specified page. Please verify correct href was passed in."

  21. @technicalcopywriter The Like Box for your Page should work now.

  22. technicalcopywriter

    Indeed batmoo, you are right, thanks.

  23. I see that a few people came through and looked at my site for the like box, cool isn't it? Could you click on the box for me while you are looking at it?

    Thanks -John

  24. I love this new option but I am confused as to why everyone (except me) who has LIKED my FB page is showing up in the box twice?

  25. LOVE the new box. Have one quick question though - it's showing up a little funky on my site. Any solutions? It's the last widget down on the left sidebar.

  26. elnicovengeance

    look at my blog please, are you see facebook like box??
    I was only see the tittle..

  27. @elnicovengeance
    I'm sorry but cannot help you and Staff have deactivated the support link as they are working on their backlog of support tickets. That link will not be activated again until 12PM UTC on Monday 18th July.

  28. I use Neo-Sapien & wanted to add the FB widget in my first column because that is where I have my other subscription items. I didn’t want to show faces since my page is new and I only have one person besides myself. If I put it in the first column without faces, it chops half the stuff off. For right now, I have it in the first column & at the top of the 3rd column so you can see the difference. My blog is


  29. I'm having the same problem....I'm only new to this but I've been at it for hours with no did you guys get it sorted in the end?
    Could not retrieve id for the specified page. Please verify correct href was passed in.

  30. i seem to have the same problem as everyone such as profiles pictures appearing as doubles, and the width of the box cutting out profile pictures and names. how can adjust the width then??

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