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Facebook likebox widget

  1. Hello there,
    Staff have been posting to this thread previously to help so I'll flag the thread to get their attention.

  2. Thanks.......I only want a wee LIKE button for Facebook....Mr WordPress keeps telling me:

    "Could not retrieve id for the specified page. Please verify correct href was passed in."

    Staff could you please HELP ME .....????

  3. I use maxthon 3.. and now I can see this widget and enjoy it.. ;)

  4. @retroway: It only works for pages, not personal profiles. Is it a page you are trying to enter?

  5. Looks great now! All is well! Thanks!

  6. I read through this entire thread and couldn't figure out how to get this to work. The only facebook URL I can find is the one linking to the profile. Do I need to create a customized URL? Can someone help?

    Thanks in advance.

  7. Staff state on the first page of this thread that this Facebook like box widget is only for FAN pages and not for profile pages. See here >

  8. Thank you for clarifying.

  9. You're welcome. For all the Facebook features currently available to users see here >

  10. I asked this before but why does it keep duplicating the photos of the people who “like” it?

  11. @verucablue
    I'm sorry but we Volunteers do not have an answer to that question. Please contact Staff >

  12. musicaurbanamix

    lol i agree

  13. We've had the "Facebook members" plugin running successfully for two and a half months however in the last two days we have started to see "Could not retrieve id for the specified page. Please verify correct href was passed in." appear in a box on the site.

    I think there must have been an update or something that caused the issue.

  14. @mvstudio1: If you installed a plugin, and had been using it for 2 months, you most likely have a self-hosted WordPress blog and are in the wrong forum. Please ask your question at

    You are currently in a forum for blogs hosted by and our answers will not apply to your situation.

  15. The Facebook Like widget works OK on my blog (no ID errors or repeated faces) but have a visual hiccup in that the only the top bit of the face thumbs in the third row are showing.

  16. Hi,
    Lots of problems with this widget!!
    I read all the thread and still don´t understand.
    I get the famous:
    Could not retrieve id for the specified page. Please verify correct href was passed in.


    It doesn´t work for groups?

  17. The widget is for fan pages. Would you like to try RSS Graffiti? It works for groups.

  18. tones of hiccups...the other day it was today it says "one Person" likes it but it has a bunch of faces...and while they are not showing multiples right now it is showing only a feew faces...the whole box is not full...

    what is up with this widget?

  19. @celluvibez you are right thst many don't know their facebook id, it took me a while to figure this out, lol.

    Another stumbling block I had was not realizing that I did not give permissions for WordPress to interact with Facebook. My blog is really fresh so I did not have a FB page set up for it yet, just did so today actually. The widget was not working properly for me and just kept redirecting to Facebook homepage. When I gave permission for the Publicize ( to interact with Facebook the widget worked perfectly. Maybe this will help if anyone else has the issue.

  20. Hi. I have just added the facebook like widget to our blog and it appears as a long box down the full length of the blog posts. Is there anyway to adjust the appearance?
    Many thanks, Ruth

  21. @sebasilver
    No I'm sorry but there isn't.

  22. @septembersunn

    The widget was not working properly for me and just kept redirecting to Facebook homepage.

    The Facebook like box widget is ONLY for posting to fan pages and group pages. It is working correctly.

    As you note Publicize is only for posting to Facebook profile pages and that's stated on the first page of this thread, and has been repeated more than once in this thread. :)

  23. Thank you (timethief) for speedy reply - does like button/badge work in same way? apologies if I am asking something that has already been answered here - I am newbie blogger cheers

  24. @sebasilver
    You can post a Facebook badge in your sidebar. It links to your Facebook profile page.

    You can also enable sharing buttons on your posts, pages and index pages for visitors to use. Also note you can have both Facebook like & share buttons on your posts.

    And you can set up Publicize and publish to your Facebook profile page >

  25. chrisefranklin

    Is there any way I can customize the color scheme of the like box. The choice between black and white doesn't work aesthetically on my blog!

  26. No I'm sorry but customization is not possible.

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