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Facebook likes on posts do not count on Facebook Page.

  1. I'm just wondering whether when someone Facebook likes a post of mine on my blog, should it come up that they also like my Facebook page. I'm just doing a bit of a test run of my blog at the moment and I've had one friend like one of my posts and it didn't count over on my Facebook page. I then liked all my posts and that didn't come up on my Facebook page either. It still reads 0 people like this.

    I'm just wondering, am I misinformed and liking something means it only shows up in their news feed that they liked it and doesn't mean it counts as liking the actual Facebook page?

    Thank you for your help in advance.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi. I think the number of people who like your post and the number of people who like your Facebook Fan Page are two completely different things. One could like your post but not your fan page and vice versa.

  3. Ok I eventually figured out how to make the a like button that also translates the likes over to your Facebook page.

    Thanks airodyssey for your help. I appreciate it.

  4. OK I have a similar question in that I received a notification this morning that someone Liked a particular post (in fact, one that was posted this AM) but I have no reads for the day at all. I know I lose some "read" numbers to anyone who reads via email subscription without clicking through, but I thought they needed to actually open the post in order to LIKE it. How exactly could someone "LIKE" the post if they did not actually read it?

  5. @gringitack: This topic is about the Facebook Like button. Your question appears to be about the Like button. Raincoaster already answered you here:

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