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    I am new at this whole thing and a bit on the “challenged side”. I published my last blog post, then went to my Facebook account and typed in the link ” new blog at http://www.wontfadeaway.wordpress.com” and instead of a link to the newest post it linked to the previous post. How do I make the link to the newest post?

    The blog I need help with is wontfadeaway.wordpress.com.


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    The link to your latest post is:

    http://www.wontfadeaway.wordpress.com/ is the link to your blog’s home page.


    You can set WordPress to connect to Facebook and automatically put your new post in your news feed. Please see WordPress support on this topic:



    Hello, I am having difficulty with this as well (disclaimer: I am a barely literate computer lady, and prone to cranky outbursts when I can’t get the computer to “do” what it “should.”) I’ve followed all the directions on wordpress, but instead of linking my blog to my fanpage, which I want it to, facebook links it to my personal page, which I don’t want it to. Also, I’ve tried using the “import blog” on facebook’s fan page and it tells me it doesn’t find my “feed,” is there a specific way to type in my wordpress.com address so that the facebook fan page can import it?


    I believe I have the same questions as kate. I tried linking my blog to my work (a non-profit) facebook page, for which I am an administrator, but I was only able to link to my personal facebook page. In FB, I tried going to my work page and clicking the button that says “Use facebook as [this group]” but that didn’t work either. Any help would be greatly appreciated!



    I have the same question as the ones above. I want my blog page to link to its related FB page, not my personal page. Please advise. Thanks.


    I have similar issue. I want my blog to instantly link to both my Fan Page and my Personal Page. Is it possible to link to both?



    Here are some possible workarounds to publish to a Facebook Page:


    I had checked out those workarounds already. I can’t get getsocial to work and I don’t understandf networkblogs or hootsuite. The other options post to my profile not my fan page or post to fan page with no image.

    I want to post to both fan page and profile, both with an image. Is this possible within WordPress or not? I don’t want to have to have loads of add-ons because I don’t understand how to make them work. I have contacted WordPress support with no reply. How do I get a simple answer to this question rather than a 12point plan that still requires me to know how other apps work?


    Hello all — I just wanted to say thank you to airodyssey for posting the above link…I went to it and choose RSS Grafitti as an option. It took some tweaking (and more than one temper tantrum, not gonna lie…) but voila: I now have what I wanted. My wordpress blog posts to my fan page, not my personal fb page, and it includes images.

    Helenredfernbirthandbaby, I feel your frustration: this stuff makes me c.r.a.z.y., “Sheen World” crazy, but so far I feel confident to recommend RSS Graffiti to you.

    Best of luck to you all — and thanks for the info!!

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