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    I’m trying to figure out how to add a facebook link to the sidebar of our wordpress site that is linked to our organization’s facebook page. There is a way to embed a facebook page in a widget, but it seems to be only for individual facebook pages – not for organization pages. Does anyone know how to do this?

    The blog I need help with is doostang.wordpress.com.


    You need the URL of the page you want to link to and then follow the instructions in this support document: http://support.wordpress.com/links/text-widget-links/ .


    I’ve also been trying to do add a Fanbox for my Facebook page to my WordPress.com blog, without success. I copied the code from Facebook and inserted it into a Text Widget – I save and the code automatically contracts into a smaller piece of code. When I go to my blog page, the Text Widget shows a line of the Facebook code and tiny link text to the Facebook page underneath – not the preview box with pictures as illustrated on Facebook.

    Does anyone know if this is a Facebook fail or a WordPress one? Thanks.


    If the code gets stripped then it means the code is not allowed. Typically those types of things have javascript, and javascript is not allowed due to security concerns.




    I think all you can do is a simple link to your profile. if you can do more i’d like to know. Javascript JS code is stripped on wordpress hosted blogs.

    off-topic but make sure you get your facebook.com/yourcompanyname username registered!



    sorry eg look at my simple botton for facebook on http://blog.kothea.com , you should also consider linkedin for ‘prefessional’ relationships with suppliers in your industry. keep facebook for your customers.


    I have a friend on wordpress and the fan box code worked on here site. http://www.creativeblogsolutions.com.

    I’m having the same issue as livingroomblog.


    Good to see that the Fanbox works on some WordPress sites! I’ve sent a screenshot of the problem to Facebook and am waiting for their response. I’m wondering if the width of the side column is perhaps the issue? There’s a piece in the code that says width="300" – any thoughts?


    Lovely blog, Kothea! Can I ask how you put the Facebook etc. buttons onto your page? Thanks!



    Creativeblogsolutions.com is not a WordPress.COM blog, so the code restrictions don’t apply to it.

    You will have to get a simple image and put it in your sidebar with a link to your page, following the basic text widget instructions. I find the easiest way to make a text widget is to compose it like a draft post and then copy all the HTML once it looks just the way I want. That way you can use all the formatting scope of the visual editor.



    livingroomblog: it’s easy (once you know how)

    you have to add a text widget to your sidebar in the blog
    you need to know the URL of the page you want to land on
    you need to know the url of the icon you want to use

    if you look on my website http://www.kothea.com you can probably cut and past the buttons from there and change the url to your site VOILA !

    you should copy the buttons to your own site in case the originator moves or renames them causing your buttons not to work.

    you can find out what to do in detail on configuring text widgets elsewher eon this support forum.

    the only special thing i did was get small icons….





    I highly recommend What thesacredpath recommended! (See July 2nd, 2009 comment above). Here’s a little added piece- you can find images of Facebook, twitter, delicious, etc. buttons on google images. Save them, then use them as your images for the instructions that thesacredpath pointed us towards.



    Yep! Just in case anyone is still looking months on…. thesacredpath is the right path (so to speak!). I have been fiddling around with this for hours and found this thread just a little while ago and now I have it all sorted! It’s not the original fanbox pic, but what I did was to create a badge with pic on FB, upload to my computer, then insert this pic in to a new post on WP (click on HTML tab) – filled in the URL link to take me directly to my FB Page, then copied it. On to Appearance, then widgets then the text box thingy pasted the html, saved and it’s done! http://mindbodyeft.wordpress.com/

    Phew…. just a repeat of what everyone else said really, but needed to spill!!!


    Thanks mindbodyeft for the step by step recap. That made it super clear for me!



    Does anyone know how to take the facebook link off the sidebar so that it appears as a button in the main body of your site?



    Also is there a facebook ’embed’ button that works for non-members of facebook which i can link on my site?

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