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    How do I link my blog to a facebook fan page? I have a like button on my blog, but I want my blog to update my facebook page when I update the blog. When I select the facebook tick box it asks for my login details but I dont want it to link to my personal facebook just my fan page.


    The blog I need help with is 400mlheroes.wordpress.com.


    Hmm. Well go to Dashboard > Settings > Sharing then click on Connect to Facebook at the top under the facebook logo. When I do that it automatically says for me “Click this link to authorize connection to [my fan page]”. Is your fan page linked to your personal facebook account?



    Go to Dashboard > Settings > Sharing > Connect to facebook. It will definitely ask for the faceboook login. Just log in to your facebook account complete all steps of sharing. In last step it will ask you to publicize via Profile, your page or group. You can select it there as your page. But there is a problem with auto sharing on facebook. You are recommended to do share it manually.



    ace….cheers guys, when I first tried it I thought it’d just link to my page. It gives the option to link to my fan page. Thanks again.



    You’re welcome.


    hnsaifi is right – the auto shar eon facebook is not working for me. it was till last week and now it’s not.
    Any suggestions?



    Disconnect it from your FB and then reconnect it. That usually works.

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