Facebook – No longer showing blog post names?

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    Hey folks,

    Anyone else using the WordPress application on Facebook and found that since they switched over to new FB that when it publishes to their mini-feed that their blog has been updated that it no longer includes the title of the blog?!

    Does anyone have any ideas as to why this is/if there’s a fix for this as I’d much prefer for folk to know what I’ve actually made a blog post about rather than have them ignore it due to lack of information!!

    Thanks! :oD



    I have added my wordpress feed to my facebook page and I don’t seem to be having any probs with it..
    the page title comes up fine.



    I’m having problems as well. I’ve tried removing the application and re-adding it, changing the # of posts and everything and still no luck. I saw a long thread from the creator of this app on a different thread, but I’m still having issues. Very frustrating!


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