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Facebook, Pinterest buttons?

  1. Hi everybody!
    I would like to know how to add Follow me on Facebook button, and Follow mw on Pinterest button.
    Also, need a button that will enable my readers pin the pictures from my blog?
    I have had a look on Pinterest website, seems clear, but I can't understand where I should paste the code on wordpress.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I would like to know how to add Follow me on Facebook button, and Follow me on Pinterest button.

    The results of a simple forum searches:

    You can put the code for the Pinterest follow button in a text widget.
    1. Go to this site, choose which one of the red Follow Me images you want, and copy the code for it.

    2. Then, go to your widgets > Appearance > Widgets and select a text widget.

    3. Paste the Pinterest follow button code into the text widget, "save" the widget, "close" the widget and place it where you want it to display in your sidebar.

    You can also add a Facebook, Pinterest, etc. sharing buttons below your posts > Sharing

    You cannot use the Pin-it Javascript code on a blog.

  3. This was great! thanks for the advice. it worked for me.

  4. You're welcome. Happy blogging!

  5. hautefrugalista

    hi! how about slideshows? im trying to make a slideshow of the images from my pinterest. I tried adding it as other (since is not flickr, picasa,etc) but doesnt show up on my site. thanks!

  6. @hautefrugalista
    Please do not post off-topic into threads. instead please create your own if there are none you find in the searchbox on the same topic as your own.

    This is the link to all support documentation
    slideshow search results >

    Flickr slideshow forum search results >
    Hope this helps.

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