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Facebook Post "No Title"

  1. Hello, when you add the links to my two blogs and in a Facebook update status, there is no image and it says, (no title).

    However, my blog posts work well with a Title (of the post) and an image (if there is one in the blog).

    Any thoughts?

    Thank you in advance...

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi. Do you have a specific example of a post or a page where the title/image does not show?

  3. Thank you for the reply! My two main pages are what I am speaking of: &

    They are both pages, not blog posts.


  4. Publicize is for posts. Static pages are for content that rarely changes.

  5. Hey, Timethief. My two blogs have static "Page" homepages, rather than the blog itself. My issue is when I or someone else simply enters my web address in a Facebook post, there is no image and it says (no title).

    However, if you enter the url for one of my blog posts, the post title appears along with an image (if there was one in the post).

    I entered your url on FB and it said "one cool site" along with your avatar image.

    I checked my blog's General Settings and I definitely have "Follow My Film" in the title box....

  6. I entered your url on FB and it said "one cool site" along with your avatar image.

    WTH! I do not have a Facebook site! I do not want and do no need a Facebook site. I do not wish to have anything whatsoever to do with that massive data-mining operation. Please produce that URL you are referring to so I can get on this immediately and find out who is impersonating me there.

  7. @timethief: I tried searching "" on Facebook and found nothing. FYI when you can't find something on Facebook, it displays search results from Bing. Maybe that's what followmyfilm saw?

  8. @airodyssey
    Whew! Thanks for that reassurance. Normally my blood pressure is is the low normal range. When I read that and thought I was being impersonated on Faceplant and it soared.

  9. @Time. Wow!!!! You really don't like FB, huh?

    Okay, all I'm talking about is placing your url in a post, which automatically brings up elements of your blog, so they become visible in the post.

    There is nothing on FB itself regarding One Cool Site.

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