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Facebook posting gravitar instead of image from blog

  1. Hi, Very new to blogging and have this issue just today in Facebook after updating my gravitar yesterday. The post I made today (when shared) retrieves my gravitar, whereas my post a few days ago shows the post image,
    Tried the degug link in facebook.
    Still no change.
    Sorry if there are other answers out there - but I can only find posts from beginning of feb.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. So reading here may help:

    or this more specifically:

    If not, then subscribe to this thread to read other responses.

  3. Mmm uninstalled FB and did all that as recommended in the post links. When I view through the FB debugger, it actually shows the correct image, but when posting either via the FB icon or as a URL, it posts another image used on the blog. No Change.

    SO I have deleted my gravatar image - for a moment there was just text - then I went back in and updated my post with an image that was smaller in size - just 250px.... rather than the 870px which looked great.

    NOW I have the image and the post on Facebook. :)
    So, that means that I will have to rethink about my blog layout. That's a shame as it worked to begin with.

    Solution - Image was too wide to post to facebook from blog.

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