Facebook problem with website warning message – I'm going broke!

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    Look, I know his probably isn’t the right place to ask, but since Facebook is completely unresponsive to my issue I thought I would try here.

    Whenever anybody (including me) clicks on a link that I’ve posted on my Facebook Page to my wordpress.com website they get directed to an warning message which reads:

    Please be careful
    For the safety and privacy of your Facebook account, remember to never enter your password unless you’re on the real Facebook website. Also be sure to only download software from sites you trust. To learn more about staying safe on the internet, visit Facebook’s Security Page. Please also read the Wikipedia articles on malware and phishing..


    I have no idea why this is happening – my site is safe (I’ve checked with Google Webmaster tools – no problems or issues, no malware.) And it’s not just on my own Page http://www.facebook.com/ChildsPlayMusicPerth – it’s also happening on other Facebook Pages that have shared my posts and links. Same message.

    People can still click through to my blog from the message by hitting the “Continue” button – but they don’t! Would you?

    This is killing my reputation and cutting my site visits catastrophically since Facebook is my primary source of site traffic. Prior to this I was getting about 800 page views per day – now it’s down to less than 200!

    I’ve reported this twice to Facebook – they haven’t even acknowledged my emails!

    Has anybody got any idea why this should be happening or what I can do about it it? I’m desperate – this is my business and Facebook is sending me broke!

    Please help me if you can – any suggestions, any ideas, has this happened to anybody else?

    The blog I need help with is childsplaymusic.com.au.



    It seems someone reported your site to be a phishing site or spam/scam. So the problem is from their side.
    Post your problem to http://www.facebook.com/help/community/?id=416
    The Facebook sharer now posts short links on Facebook. That’s why some people might thought them to be spam or phishing links.



    Why are you going broke?


    @hnsaifi Thanks – I will try that. It hadn’t occurred to me that someone might have reported my site as a scam since it’s just a little site about my music education business – nothing controversial.

    Unfortunately my experience in the past with facebook’s help forums has not been good – facebook doesn’t appear to monitor it or answer questions – it’s just other users who may or may not be able to help.

    @raincoaster Are you serious? Any web-based business that gets an 80% reduction in traffic is in serious trouble. Hey – tell you what – you send me 80% of your pay packet and try living on the other 20%. Shouldn’t be a problem for you, right?



    They do not answer those questions doesn’t mean they don’t monitor them or don’t get notice. Once a friend of mine updated just a status (on her timeline) that her account has something wrong. Facebook asked her to prove her identity within 2 hours after that post.
    There is no other way to fix your problem other than to convince them that your site is not scam/phishing.
    Here’s another way Go to http://www.facebook.com/security. Click option button (right to the like) Send feedback report an issue.

    BTW if your site traffic is reduced from 800 to 200, the percentage loss is 75% not 80%. (Just a joke :D )


    @hnsaifi thanks. I didn’t know about that option either. I’ll wait though, because I’ve just sent them feedback from both my page and my profile telling them about the fact that my site is not a scam or phishing site and asking them to investigate. I may be wrong, but sending yet another essentially identical message may just make things worse.

    BTW, note that I said my site traffic had reduced to less than 200, thus 80% is correct (also just a joke :D – I’ve just done the math and your figure is closer than mine)

    But either way, it’s no joke when one realises just how important Facebook can be to the success or failure of one’s business. I really hadn’t thought that Facebook was such an important part of my marketing strategy – I spend a lot of time on it, but mainly I saw it as networking with other Early Childhood pages and musicians and providing a “presence” and “personality” for myself to my potential clients; I saw it as a service I did, offering something back for free because the field I work in is small and information is hard to come by.

    I didn’t use it for “Book now and get 20% off” stuff – I used it for sharing information, most of which had exactly zero to do with my business but which might be of interest to my potential clients. I did not see it as being anything to do with direct sales generation. Wow, was I wrong!



    I’m serious. Any business that relies on the website for revenue should be at WordPress.org instead of WordPress.com.


    Oh, I see your point now, @raincoaster. But I’m not using this site to sell product – it’s an information site about my service-based business, and it includes a simple “Contact Me” form, and so far it’s been working fine. It’s not like I have a huge business or do online bookings even – almost everything ends up being done by email or even over the phone. Besides – there are a bunch of sites on here that are very successful businesses, including some really big operators. It’s not just a blogging platform.

    The reason I chose wordpress.com over wordpress.org is precisely because of the excellent rep that wordpress.com has for security, and most importantly from my point of view, for simplicity and reliability. I’m just a mid-50s guy, no particular web skills, although I’m red-hot on hardware – my PC is a self-built speed demon :)

    The problem went away – but now it’s back again – same Facebook warning messages. Facebook still refuse to acknowledge my emails.



    This is happening to me too!! Did anyone ever figure out an answer for this? I’ve been losing page views and business, and I was just starting to get off the ground a little bit. There’s no reason for my site, http://www.roundballdaily.com., which is about basketball, to have ANY spam/phishing connotation associated with it.

    Please help!

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