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    Last night into today I have been receiving several (about 20 so far) comments that almost appear legitimate. However, they are from Facebook profiles. Instead of going to the spam folder, they are being to my e-mail for “moderate comments.” Why isn’t Akimiset marking these as spam? What can I do to insure that in the future they do get marked as spam automatically so I don’t have to keep marking myself? They’re starting to clutter my e-mail because I get notifications. My settings are set for first time commenters have to be approved. However, I’m not understanding why they’re not being marked as spam automatically. They all have “facebook.com/profile” addresses.

    The blog I need help with is unfinishedperson.com.


    Ah, facebook. The name will soon be changed to spambook. With so many sites no accepting facebook logins for commenting, it was only a matter of time till the spammers started setting up accounts there to get around spam filters. I read an article about a year ago where someone was predicting that very thing. It will happen with Twitter too.

    Mark them as spam so that akismet can learn and start blocking them.


    That should be, “With so many sites now accepting facebook logins…”


    Thanks, but is there any way to block all Facebook log ins on WP.com? It seems like I keep getting different profiles doing it, not just one or two or three over and over, but all different ones. It’s only been happening over the last few days for me.


    I’ve been seeing this too — the one quirk is that almost all of them have been comments either cut-and-pasted from my own comment section (by a bot maybe?) or cut-and-pasted from some other blog’s comment section. I’ve had maybe two dozen over the last 48 hours.


    Yes, me too! Most are misspelled in some way, some are just random letters, but some are almost a normal comment that have nothing to do with my post. I’ve been getting an absurd amount in the past couple of days.

    The thing is, some are from facebook, but the ones this morning are not. It’s like my spam filter has completely turned off.



    Thanks, but is there any way to block all Facebook log ins on WP.com?

    No I’m sorry but there isn’t.
    reference link: http://en.blog.wordpress.com/2011/06/07/post-comments-twitter-facebook/



    I am already seeing it happen on twitter as well…………



    I’m sorry but we Volunteers have no help to offer with this issue. If you have not already contacted Staff then here’s the link http://en.support.wordpress.com/contact/


    Oh, right again with volunteers not helping. I remember this. I can’t remember what this forum is for….I seem to remember seeing STAFF actually here at one time, but now they don’t seem to have the time to deal with us peons. Got it. Understand….

    …even though I’ve seen them actually answering people’s questions in the past. Bizarre to say the least, but okay, I’ll go to the link where I’m sure I won’t get any answer either.



    this is what I mentioned before … there are issues here I think wordpress are not admitting to. I have seen comments get through I know I blacklisted on before, IP, swear words etc.


    I haven’t had this problem before this week, so am wondering why it’s happening now. Slightly frustrating especially since I get notifications for every comment I have to moderate.



    Support > Find answers to all of your Akismet questions > http://akismet.com/support/



    Unfinished person, the volunteers here are very helpful. One of the things the volunteers in this thread have helped you to understand is that this particular problem is out of our control.

    Shooting the messenger won’t help you get better messages.


    Oh, so you’ve pointed me to somewhere else. Yep, that’s really helpful. I couldn’t have figured that out on my own. I thought this was where STAFF actually came too. Sorry if I had the wrong impression of what a support forum is supposed to be.



    This is a peer support forum manned by Volunteers. From time to time Staff monitor threads and at least once daily you will find one or more Staff members posting here. We Volunteers can’t help you and I provided the link for you to use to contact Staff. Please use it.


    Already did use it, but I’ve never seen staff here ever. You can close this because this obviously is the wrong place to get the answer to a question.



    I’m glad you have contacted Staff. Best wishes for a happy ending.

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