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Facebook questions

  1. Is there anyway to get Iframe or XFBML code to work in either the text widgets or the posts?? :(

    Can any of these apps be plugged into the blog?

    Was anyone able to play with these codes to get wordpress to accept them? or do I need to get the downloaded version and cost it myself? :(

    The blog I need help with is

  2. P.S. If anyone wants to do all the work for me.. heres the ite URL.. :D

  3. @riverbrooks, certain code (such as iframes for example) is restricted at for security reasons. Please see this article for full details:

    @raincoaster's link is a popular workaround that you might want to investigate.

  4. Ya ive been using that, but it doesn't have as many cool options..

    so theres no way to get this code either?

    <script language="JavaScript" src=""></script>

  5. @reiverbrooks
    No we cannot use javascript either and that's what's revealed at the link that hewsut provided. Embeds, Flash, HTML and Javascript codes will all be stripped out to preserve security on this multiuser blogging platform.

  6. How do I get my blogs to go to my face-book fan's page rather then my personal page?

  7. Add the link manually to the page on FB itself.

  8. @tsinternational1 i have the same question. i want the post on my blog to go to my page fan and not to my personal one. i cant find how i do it in the wordpress.

    raincoaster , what do you mean? how do i do that?

  9. @musicmashs

    Rain, is suggesting to add the link manually to the Facebook Fan Page because their is no automatic solution.

  10. Copy the link to your page from your browser bar when you're on the page you want to add to Facebook. Go to the place in FB you want to add it and add it there as a Link.

  11. so there is no automatic way to do it like the publisher does to FB? only manual.
    all i need is to transfer the publisher form personal to page fan.

    thanx any way :)

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