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Facebook says its connected but won't publicize

  1. We have two blogs on and both of them say they are connected to our facebook page. My coworker went through the setup process and clicked on all the "allow" questions when asked. We have been posting on the blog and the twitter publicize works fine but not the facebook publicize process. So we went through the support section and tried disconnecting and reconnecting as described. The problem is that we don't have a personal profile on Facebook but rather a business page. When we are logged in as a business we don't have a link to the privacy settings that we need to access to disconnect wordpress from the facebook end. When we disconnect the link from the wordpress end and then try to reconnect it just happens automatically and never asks the initial allow questions again. We think the two are actually disconnected since the posts aren't appearing. Any suggestions how we can fix this since we can't access the place we are supposed to on Facebook?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Are you referring to the blog linked to your username? I'm asking because it does not have any content. That's usually an indication that a person is posting to the wrong support forum.

    Please post the complete and clickable URL for the blog in question starting with http://

    Please also read this sticky post just in case you are posting to the wrong support forum.

  3. I technically have three blogs on wordpress. Two visible and one hidden: which redirects to http://halepetdoordealernews and which redirects to but when I look in my user account I see a third blog which is hidden but has the same blog address as the pet tips one. The blog name is halepetdoorpettips and the address is The visible blog name is Hale Pet Door Pet Tips with the same address. I see where I can change the blog address and the user name that are attached to the hidden blog. If I do that will it also affect the visible blog which currently has the same blog address or does wordpress view them as two different entries and I can change one without affecting the other? I would like to change the user name on the account and the hidden blog but I don't want to accidentally mess up or destroy the active blog.

  4. In this case as domain mapping is involved I think you ought to ask for Staff assistance.

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