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Facebook says my blog is SPAM

  1. (ENGLISH)

    Hi everyone!
    The problem is that when someone clicks my blog entries on my Facebook wall/timeline, they get a warning telling them that the link might be SPAM. Since this started happening, my blog visits have gone down to a third of what they used to be before!

    I've tried posting directly from WP, manually, using a link shortener and not... Any input on this?

    THANKS in advance!

    ( SPANISH )

    Hola a todos!
    Mi problema es que cuando mis amigos en Facebook hacen click en los links a mis entradas del blog que posteo en Facebook, les aparece un mensaje advirtiéndoles que puede ser "SPAM" y muchos no entran por esto. Desde que ocurre esto, las visitas a mi blog han descendido casi a una tercera parte de lo que solían ser!

    He probado postear desde Facebook, desde WP, vía un sitio que acorta links, etc etc y nada parece solucionarlo!

    Alguien tiene idea si se puede hacer algo?
    Muchas gracias!!!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. This is more likely to be a facebook problem. It is upon facebook to decide which link is fair and which one is spam. Do not share too much links to facebook. That may caused this or due to some report on your links. As facebook strictly takes notice of reports. If latter is the cause then don't worry cause consequences of reports are generally temporary. Do not write here in any language other than English. For Spanish do post here,

  3. WOW, that was fast! Yes, I knew this was a FB problem, just wanted some insight on it :D

    Thanks for your knowledge and your advice! I'll take them into account :D

  4. It may have something to do with this:

    Were you using Networked Blogs to begin with? It's possible THEY got hacked, and are now posting to your stream. Disable it if you are using it.

  5. I don't know what Networked Blogs are...

  6. If you don't know Networked Blogs, then you probably don't use it.

  7. A brief explanation would have been more helpful ;)

  8. As it turns out, I'm using Networked Blogs, but because my WP interface is in spanish, the name's different.

    Still, I cancelled the FB posting because I prefered doing it manually (my blog entries are micro-short, so I didn't want them on the preview).

    And if it was hacked, I'd see those posts on my timeline, right?

  9. Yes, up until the time you disconnected them.

  10. But I didn't see any, just the ones I posted manually... I was posting links in Facebook 3 or 4 times a day, and always different entries. Well, guess these are the rules of the game!

  11. What might have happened is, Networked blogs got hacked and FB set all of Networked Blogs, and the blogs they referred to, as Spam. But I'm not using Networked blogs on my external blogs, and FB is still doing wonky things with them. I think FB has to fix itself. Something's wrong there.

  12. Engineers of facebook say

    Sometimes, spammers try to hide their malicious links behind URL shorteners like Tiny URL or, and in rare cases, we may temporarily block all use of a specific shortener. If you hit a block while using a URL shortener, try a different one or just use the original URL for whatever you're trying to share.

    Never do this kind of stuff.
    Also note that Facebook spam filters don't allow baiting like, Wow great video, must watch this show, this is a limited offer. Besides don't post too much links on Facebook.
    Facebook is a vast community of every kind of person. Unlike WordPress every Facebook user has right to report your stuff as spam, abusive, offensive etc. So many silly users who don't like your content can report it whatever the category they want. If someone fake report you, you can tell Facebook helpers and they will fix it for you, and spam reporter will lick the dust then.

  13. Wow, that was helpful, thanks iphonist1! I'm currently trying to find where to report this

  14. You're welcome.
    Post whatever they reply to you for the convenience of others.

  15. I posted questions in the LINKS and WALL sections, but I couldn't find where to send a complaint message about this particular topic.

    Of course, if the problem gets a solution I'll post it here

  16. Acepto la posibilidad de eliminar los errores que de pronto pueden ser basura y conectarnos con lo que realmente nos interesa. Cordial saludo

  17. @volquestein
    Español (Spanish) :

  18. @timethief

    I had already read all those options, but nothing came up about my problem.
    One other thing I did was posting my issue here >

  19. @timethief
    Thanks anyway! :D

  20. @pandacba

    but I couldn't find where to send a complaint message about this particular topic.

    This is a Facebook issue that must be addressed at that end and not at this end. This Facebook help link works for me. I'm using Firefox 10 and if it isn't working for you then you can clear your browser cache and cookies. You can upgrade any outdated browser version here. Or you can use another browser.

  21. I was trying there to contact Facebook support but didn't find any way to do it except this Facebook support forum.,(i think this is one of those silly changes which Facebook made recently) in which most of the problems are handled by Facebook volunteers. Hope they will fix your problem too.
    But funny thing is that there are some volunteers too who always suggest you to clear caches like Timethief :).
    Anyway just go to that forum and post your problem.
    Once I told you that I'm using Firefox 10.0 and you told that this is not a stable version. Have they done something with it?

  22. @Timethief
    The link works fine, but there's no particular topic about my problem there, and no link to contact support directly. All I could do was post a question in the Links section, and in the Known Issues page (like @iphonist1 did)..

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