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Facebook Share button doesn't read shortlink

  1. I just attempted to use the Share button to post my latest post to my FB page, and from the preview (the page that pops up with the little box for comments) it looks like Facebook can't read past the shortlink provides. There was no content, there was no thumbnail, For a spit second the correct title showed, and then it vanished, to be replaced with:

    (No Title)

    Manually posting the link worked fine.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. That's strange. When I try to share on Facebook, I see the thumbnail and information...

    Liveblogging Morphine « raincoaster
    by raincoaster in drugs, humor, Humour, Medicine, Movies, raincoaster, Science, Weird, What did you do today raincoaster

  3. Oh I get it. You said you manually posted and it was fine. It's the sharing option at the bottom of your post. Sorry, I read too quickly!

    Strange that there's http twice...

  4. Yes, i better report it. Looks like staff are going to have to fix something.

  5. Just confirmed this works the same way (ie the bug exists) on the version, which is the Sharedaddy plugin.

  6. OK - so it is a bug? Happened to me just now too. Very odd.!

  7. Depuis ce matin le 9 mars 2011, je ne peux plus partager avec mon site Facebook. Ne peux plus pubier sur mon profil Facebook. Message d'erreur. Sans titre, etc...
    Je partage surtout mes poèmes... Qui peut m'aider ? Merci d'avance. Amitié à toute la communauté. Mon e-mail : [email redacted]

  8. I just tested in a website where the Facebook share button is integrated without any plugins, just by inserting the Facebook code in the theme, and I noticed the same bug you described.

    This made me think the problem was in Facebook code, but I could not test any further as it started working again.

    Can you confirm if this now works for you too?

  9. I'm having the same problem as above. No tilte, No info, just code and getting error message.

  10. The problem still exists for WordPress.COM blogs, but not externally hosted ones using the Sharedaddy plugin. I haven't updated my plugins since yesterday; there's been no change on my side. So it looks like the problem IS with Facebook and specifically the way it pulls in posts.

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