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Facebook share button is malfunctioning

  1. The Facebook sharing button is malfunctioning. When I push it at the bottom of my posts, it shows the title as the URL, and the description as the URL, as well. How can I make it so that the actual title shows up and the first few words of the post appear in the description? The same thing happens in Chrome and Internet Explorer.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. No, I haven't. I'll try that right now. Kind of like turning a computer on and off.

  3. That didn't seem to work.

  4. Even when I manually paste the URL into a Facebook it does the same thing.

  5. *Facebook post

  6. Any other advice you could offer would be greatly appreciated. What is going wrong on my blog posts? It's clearly not a problem with the button, but with the posts themselves.

  7. I still need help with this problem. Please help.

  8. Erasing your cookies may help. Other than that, you can try another theme for your site.

  9. Has anyone else with the Twenty Ten theme mentioned this problem?

  10. Clearing cookies didn't help.

  11. There are several people reporting weirdness with the Facebook widget today. Sometimes FB changes things and it takes a while for to catch up to them. Sometimes it takes FB awhile to correct things that don't work.

  12. Good to know. This has been going on for me for several weeks. I'm not sure exactly when it started. I hope WordPress can solve the problem soon.

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