Facebook-share count suddenly dropped/disappeared – yikes!

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    Our latest post (the David Sedaris interview) went a little bit viral yesterday… by afternoon, it had been shared 7k+ times on Facebook.

    Today, the counter appears to have zeroed out and started over. (It’s now in the 500s and climbing again.)

    Having an accurate number there helps us in a business sense, because it’s how we prove to publishers the reach of these interviews (which enables us to book future interviews). So it’s a big bummer that the count suddenly dropped / went away. Any idea how to fix or get that accurate count back?


    The blog I need help with is parnassusmusing.net.



    Did you change the URL of the post in any way during that time? The facebook counter uses the URL to know how many times something has been shared. If the URL changes, the counter will reset as FB will consider it a different page. I am seeing a version of the post with 2014/06/11 in the URL rather than the 2014/06/12 of the current published post. So that makes me suspicious that could be the source of the issue.


    Thanks — great question, and that was my first thought, too. But no…. the original date of 6/11 was from when it was just a private draft; it was made public on 6/12 (right before those first FB shares starting counting), and we haven’t changed it since.

    Any other thoughts?



    Sadly, after looking into it, I can’t see anything else that would have caused this on our end. As far as WordPress.com is concerned, the only real action on our end that would cause this would be the changing of a URL. Now, there could be something on the FB side of things that is mucking it up. But that’s out of our hands.

    I wish I had a more satisfying answer for you.



    I posted this on another thread but I’ll repost it here because when I opened a similar thread it was immediately closed and now I can’t find it.

    My facebook followers have disappeared from my followers count. I used to have over 1000 followers of my blog but now it lists only 923 followers. When I look at my stats page with the numbers of followers, it lists wordpress, email, comments, and Twitter followers, but the facebook count is absent. Yet my blog is connected with my facebook page and shows avatars of my followers. What’s going on?




    I am seeing your blog’s front page list 1025 followers and I am seeing FB followers listed on your stats page. Are you still seeing otherwise?



    @rootjosh – all of a sudden my facebook followers count is back again. Don’t know what happened there for a couple of days but it’s all OK now. Thanks! :-)

    Maybe it was that facebook glitch that someone upthread mentioned. Glad it’s fixed now.




    Great to hear!


    Hey there –
    Back to the original issue — looks like the Facebook ticker at the bottom of some of our posts is starting over randomly again.

    What’s happening: we’ll have a post get several hundred or thousand shares, then all of a sudden, it goes back to zero.

    The first time this happened, it was with this interview with David Sedaris (http://parnassusmusing.net/2014/06/12/david-sedaris-id-rather-go-to-an-actual-shop-i-want-beauty-in-my-life-i-want-charm/), which had been shared 8k+ times before the FB counter suddenly started over. (It’s now back at 2K+). We were never able to figure out why that happened but hoped it was a one-time glitch of some sort.

    But it happened again with this article, which was somewhere around 250 or 300 when it suddenly started over:

    Learning the Ropes: A Shop Pup’s First Day on the Job

    While it may sound silly to be concerned with social media share counts, it’s actually a big issue for us. We rely on those numbers to make our case when appealing to big publishers/authors for interviews. We can’t have them dropping like that — it’s inaccurate, and it hurts our ability to book future articles.

    We have NOT changed the URL of those posts after making them public and publishing them — so we know it’s not that.

    HELP?? We love WordPress.com and want to keep using it for our site, but this is a critical issue. Thank you so much for any ideas!



    This has happened in my experience with FB counters on all kinds of software. I had it happen on something with 250k shares on a Django site. I honestly expect the issue is on Facebook’s side.




    I have asked some folks to look into this more deeply. The issue may be on FB’s end, but we want to check our side of things as well.


    Thank you, @rootjosh! We very much appreciate any help. After digging around a bit, I’ve found it looks like a lot of people having the same issue. Whatever end it’s on — FB or WP — I do hope it can get fixed.

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