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    Hi there

    I’m battling with featured images on the Harmonic theme. I’ve set them, but when I use the FB sharing icon, the image that appears is a badly cropped prior image? Anyone know how I can change it so the featured image is actually the image shared?

    The blog I need help with is alloureggswebseries.com.



    Hi there!

    This sounds like caching on Facebook’s end. Facebook do offer a debug tool that you can use to clear the cache for any given post/page:


    Enter the URL for your post/page in the above tool and then “Debug.” You will then be given a preview of the image currently stored by Facebook for your post and can choose the option to “Scrape Again” to get the most up-to-date image.

    Let me know if that helps out or if you have any extra questions.


    Thank you! That did the trick. :)



    You’re most welcome! Glad that did the trick for you. :) We’re right here if extra questions come up, too.


    Hi again

    Another issue. For some reason, on an iPhone, the menu items listed are the social media icons, not the main menu. What am I doing wrong?



    Hi there,

    I can see that you’ve activated our mobile theme. The option to enable a special mobile theme is there just in case your main theme doesn’t look good on mobile devices.

    Harmonic is designed to adapt based on the size of the screen it’s being viewed on and, therefore, it’s not necessary to activate the separate mobile theme. The theme is mobile-ready be default. :)

    Can you please disable the mobile theme and then let me know if the menu then works correctly?



    Hi there

    That’s solved the mobile issue – but now it looks terrible! It’s half showing the front page image?


    Sorry – I meant the menu issue



    Harmonic is designed to adapt based on the sized of the screen it’s being viewed on, which means that header images will be cropped to fit smaller devices.

    Header images that are decorative or abstract will therefore work best across all devices. It’s not recommended to use header images that include text or that can’t handle any kind of cropping.

    If you’d like to override the theme’s default design and force the whole header image to display on mobile devices, then you could make use of some custom CSS.

    In case you’re not familiar: CSS is a coding language that’s used across the web to define the appearance of sites. Here at WordPress.com, it’s possible to add custom CSS to override certain design elements of a theme if you have WordPress.com Premium or Business.

    If you choose to upgrade then the following custom CSS could be used:

    @media only screen and (max-width: 640px) {
        #slide-1 {
            height: 300px;

    Let me know how you decide to go ahead or if you have any extra questions.

    I’ve also reported that error with the mobile theme back to our team here.

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