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Facebook social plugin.

  1. Why can't I use a Facebook social plugin on my site? Link

    The blog I need help with is

  2. We cannot use plugins on

    Here is facebook information:

  3. You can use the widgets found here > and any other widgets that are not JavaScript or iframes.
    Widgets are installed here > Appearance > Widgets
    There you will find a Facebook like box widget for fan pages.

    Facebook integration see >
    Twitter integration see >
    Sharing buttons see >

  4. I have picked up the problem. In fact the Facebook widget shows the link as credits, which is confusing the folks who are trying to get a Facebook like badge or profile badge because those plugins are not available for Shouldn't WordPress do something about it?

  5. @hnsaifi: could you please elaborate or give an example where the link you reference is mentioned? And if you have specific suggestions about how to clarify the confusion (beyond the usual explanation of the differences between .com and .org), those are very welcome, too.

    @amnagillani: the links to Facebook integration and other sharing options that @1tess and @timethief have provided should get you on the right track. If you still have any questions about Facebook sharing, please don't hesitate to post here.

  6. Hi Jenia!
    I've noticed that even the link in support document is referring to the plugins page. First correct it and replace it with
    Secondly, wherever the Facebook Like widget is used there's a credit link in it. For instance see the site (fifth widget in the right sidebar). If you're not allowed to remove credits then ask them to replace that with the link

  7. @hnsaifi: thanks for the details and an example, now I see what you were referring to. Thank you for the suggestion, we will look into it.

  8. You're welcome :)
    Hope you'll fix it soon.

  9. @hnsaifi, thank you for your feedback.

    1) I have removed the link to the Facebook Social Plugin page from our support article, correct that it was not necessary.

    2) As for the link to that page that appears in the footer of the Facebook Like Box, the appearance of that widget is determined by Facebook itself, and it's loaded through an iFrame (you can modify a couple of parameters when using the widget on

    It is possible that some users might be confused, but it does not seem to cause a significant amount of confusion at the moment. We can direct those users who are confused to the relevant support articles about the Facebook Like Box and Facebook badges - that's why we have forums, to help people who are confused or have questions :)

  10. Thanks to all.
    This is not a logic though @Jenia

  11. @amnagillani: sorry about this. How can I help you with social features, sharing, or any other questions? I will be glad to assist you so that you can achieve your blogging goals.

  12. How to add a subscribe my facebook profile button on my site?

  13. This support article details the steps to add a Facebook Badge to your blog:

    I hope this helps! Is this what you were looking for?

  14. Hello there, Staff!
    As the Facebook Like button here has the lredirecting URL,<strong>plugins</strong>/likebox.php?....
    Means: You people have modified Facebook like plugin to make it work for

    Please modify that widget and add a subscribe.php instead of like.php to create a new Facebook subscribe (to profile) button compatible with
    The profile badge we use is just like a redirecting image. There's no button in it.

  15. Thank you for your suggestion. We offer a Facebook Like Box for pages (not profiles) that allows you to follow favorite pages. Our widgets are created within the framework of the Facebook social plugin, and in order to subscribe to someone's profile, you need to click through to and then you use the subscription option, if available.

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