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Facebook stats all disappeared!

  1. madquestionasking

    All of my Facebook stats disappeared! Help! Why did this happen?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. theclotheslineie

    Same as happened on my blog?!

  3. Do not panic. They are merely bragging stats and if your use publicize they are inflated. Did they disappear from your stats page under Shares?

  4. madquestionasking

    They all reset to zero on every post. :(

  5. Are you referring to the like button or share buttons counters?
    Or are your referring to what you find on your stats page under shares?

  6. theclotheslineie

    Im referring to the share button counters?

  7. @theclotheslineie
    Thanks for the clarity on that. I have tagged this thread for Staff.

  8. madquestionasking

    I am referring to the share button counters too. Every single post reset to zero.

  9. I have the same problem with my share button....all zeroed out. Not just bragging stats for me....I use it to see how popular each post is. Thanks.

  10. forwomenseyesonly

    Same with my blog, all gone :(

  11. theclotheslineie

    The counters just seem to be hidden?
    As nothing showing beside the facebook icon on any post and not registering new shares/likes either?

    Same as @natureframes, its not for bragging stats, while you can use stats to check popularity of posts, showing how your content is shared guides me on what topics to write about.

  12. southpawtracks

    Please add me to the growing list with this problem. All posts, all shares via Facebook smart button are gone. The latest post alone had over 120 shares via the Facebook button, it has none now. The same is true for every post: All shares gone.

  13. provelopassion

    Same is true for me. Number of shares next to the facebook icon at bottom of the page have disappeared on any posts I've looked at. I too use it to guage how people like a post, and believe others looking at my work may use it the same way. Would love for them to come back, please. Thank you to all who have raised this issue and anyone looking at it.

    Twitter shares still appearing, it seems.

  14. Yes, I am having the same problem today. I shared my post on 2 Facebook pages and it is still set to 0. I also use this tool to help me determine audience reaction to my topics, to gauge reader interest so this is important for me as well. Thanks in advance for clearing this up.

  15. I'm having the same problem! I agree the the share counter helped me figure out what blog post topic my readers liked the most. I'd like to have the number back on all the posts if possible! Please help.

  16. Yes, all my facebook shares have disappeared as well, and yes, I'd like them back, very important in tracking my readers likes!

  17. theclotheslineie

    They seem to have gone AWOL everywhere. Same on a lot of blogs I follow too.

  18. All of my share numbers are gone as well from every single blog! Help!! My blog is
    What do I do?
    Thanks so much!

  19. I lost all my likes sharing facebook on my blogs, thanks for your help

    I have a single article that has not moved all the others have disappeared. This morning I started another article to see such, nothing is displayed

    Thanks for your help

  20. I also am having the same issue at

    Thank you for your assistance.


  21. southpawtracks

    I forgot to leave my blog address. It is here:

    Thank you for your efforts to fix this problem. It does appear to be isolated to the Facebook button. But all shares connected to that button are now gone.

  22. Please be patient while waiting for a Staff response. They are backlogged and working as quickly as they can.

  23. Just FYI - I'm joining this club, too. My facebook share counters on every post have reset to zero. Other counters (twitter, LinkedIn etc) are ok. To keep from looking like we have zero interest in our posts we hid the share buttons/counters behind the "more" button for the time being. Will wait to see what the fix is for this. Thanks!

  24. I too have this problem-

  25. I'm not having any of these issues. Do we know how many people are affected?

  26. I have the same problem, too.

  27. Same problem here, twitter and linkedin stats working not facebook

  28. I have the same problem in that the only shares that disappeared are the Facebook ones- and ALL of the shares are gone from my blog! Please help!

  29. mmmmm, I'm facing the same problem. The facebook shares counter is reset to zero on all posts.


  30. lindsayleighbentley

    ok, so we are all having the same problem - one of my posts had over 750 fb shares, which affects my advertising :( anyone have a solution?

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