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    Hi all,

    Just started with wordpress… and I am loving it already!!! all the options and all the things you can do great!!!

    Now I seem to have 1 problem that I would like to solve… I would like to get my facebook status/updates on my sidebar within my blog.. this is possible with twitter, but doesnt seem to work with Facebook. I dont like twitter and dont have a twitter account..

    I already tried to put the url from my facebook profile in the RSS widget, but that doesnt seem to work for some reason!

    Does someone have any tips?

    Thanks for your help!


    The blog I need help with is martijnk80.wordpress.com.



    Why don’t you just get a Twitter account, send your FB updates to Twitter and use the Twitter widget? That’s the simplest workaround.



    Have you tried creating/using the facebook badge?




    I hate to say it, but Twitter isn’t the devil. If you’re writing novels for facebook posts I doubt people will want to read them anyway. That’s what your blog is for. But Twitter allows you to have short and sweet updates that are easily shown on your wordpress blog.

    And you can set it up to where you never have to go to Twitter unless you want to. Just update your facebook page and it’ll do the rest. Next thing you know you visit your blog and there’s your status on the side.

    Futher, Twitter is a wonderful tool for spreading the word about anything. People who have anything at all to do with your blog’s subject matter will most likely appreciate having yet one more way of being in touch with you.



    He’s 100% right. LOTS of authors are on Twitter, and you have only to look at @greatdismal to see how successful it is for them.

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