Facebook Thumbnails when sharing site url.

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    When i try to share http://matteus.fi on facebook 4 random pictures is available as thumbnail. None of them is very representing for the page.

    Can i control this in any way?

    and also i have redirected the blog from http://matteusbloggen.wordpress.com and when i share a specific post then it says Matteus.fi. But when i share the whole site it shows the wordpress.com adress…

    Any suggestions?

    The blog I need help with is matteus.fi.




    Can i control this in any way?

    No! You can not control this. You’ll have to choose one of those a few thumbnails whether suitable or not.
    2. Yes it shows http://matteusbloggen.wordpress.com/ in excerpt when you share your main site. It will take them some time to recognize your site.


    Recently, when I’ve shared links to my blog, I rarely get a thumbnail at all… It ‘searches’ for a while before giving up and no images at all are available to choose from…. Anyone else having this issue? It worked well in the past, where 3 or 4 of the images from the post were available, but not so much anymore…



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