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Facebook URL

  1. I am trying to put my facebook group URL onto my blog site and its telling me that I am incorrect. I copied and pasted from URL from the top of my site; was this not correct?
    Blog url:

  2. Where are you trying to place the URL? If you are trying to add the Facebook like widget that is for Facebook pages only.

  3. I have a facebook group; which I was told that is what the facebook widget is for.
    When I copy and paste the URL:

    it then tells me: "Could not retrieve the specified page. Please verify correct href was passed in."

    Am I doing something wrong?


  4. i can certainly see the page, and it's a nice one. But I had to sign in to see it. Make sure you're signed in when you do this.

    I vaguely recall something about the widget being for Pages, not for Groups. That could be your issue right there. I know on my blogs when I set it up ages ago it worked on the blog that has a Page but I don't have one on my blog which is a Group.

  5. You can, instead, just make a text widget with your logo, the little FB "F" and a link to your group.

  6. Raincoaster,
    I am not sure what you mean and how to do it. Could you explain further?
    My group is an "invite" group. Will it help to make it public?

  7. It might. Try it and see.

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