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Facebook Video

  1. Now that it is possible to embed video from Facebook, please allow that to be easy just like from YouTube. Thanks!

  2. So, you're saying you CAN embed a Facebook video in your blog? I don't see any information about that whatsoever. Can you give me an example?

  3. I think the OP is saying that Facebook now allows users to embed at third party sites videos they have uploaded to Facebook, and is asking for the developers to add the same easy-embed functionality for Facebook videos as already exists for Toutube videos.

  4. I'd also very much like to see this happen.

  5. Well, you can embed virtually anything via the Vodpod button anyway.

  6. I'm using vodpod and loving it, except when it comes to facebook video. I am unable to get the video from facebook into my wordpress blog using vodpod... and certainly does not work when i use the embed code

  7. Sorry, but we can't test the relevance of that feedback without a link to your blog, because there are three kinds of WordPress, and you could be talking about any one of them.

  8. I'd like to see allow for Facebook Video embedding. I know that VodPod will work, but I'd prefer to simply be able to write [facebookvideo= like I can for YouTube, Flickr, etc.

  9. I agree with you!!

  10. And how.

  11. Is possible with vodpod and use of a firefox add-on...

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