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    I have the Facebook Widget on my blog, set to the Dark theme. I recently used Stylish to change the colors on my Facebook page. Those settings are interfering with the colors on my blog widget. I can reset the background to black by altering the background when in Inspector by:
    .pluginSkinDark, .pluginSkinDark .fcb {
    background: #000;
    but when I make this same change in CSS Customization it has no effect. Any thoughts?

    The blog I need help with is thepolicestateproject.com.


    Hi, I’m seeing the FB widget on your site in black now. Did you get this sorted out?

    You can change the background color of the FB like box on your WordPress.com site with the following.

    #facebook-likebox-2 iframe {
    	background: #CC0000 !important;


    Thanks for the response. My background was black only because I set the background of my Facebook account to black. The widget duplicates the color of that background. I can divorce the widget from the Facebook colors only by removing !important after the color setting for the Facebook background. Your fix didn’t overcome the !important setting in Facebook, so I’ve removed that setting and am now trying to do a work-around in Facebook so my colors are right there. Thanks for your help and I’ll let you know if some more trial and error doesn’t lead to a solution.


    Definitely keep us posted on that as it is likely to come up again. Many thanks in advance.

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